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Zonal Martyrs Day Holds in Kano + PICS

This year’s Zonal Shuhada  Day organized by  Martyrs Foundation of the Islamic  Movement in Nigeria was held on Friday the 17th Shawwal 1434  (23/8/2013) at Jumma’at Mosque Fagge, in Kano.

Sheikh Muhammad M Turi was the special Guest of Honour. Amongst those that graced the occasion include the Foundation’s  Chairman  Mal Abdul Hamid Bello, Dr Mustapha Sa’id , Mal Ibrahim  Muhammad, Martyrs’ families  and the general public.

After opening prayers, Sister Fatima Shahid Ma’azu blessed the occasion with reading from the Glorious Quran, and Ittihadul Shu’arah lead by Mal Mustapha Limanci and others beautified the gathering  with songs.

Mal Yusuf Dakata, the co-ordinator of the Kano zone Shuhada Foundation stated to date Kano zone of the Islamic movement have a total of twenty-nine martyred members, stating the various activities carried out by the Foundation for the welfare of the  families of the Martryrs as well as other activities to be undertaken to uplift the status of the Foundation .

Mal Abdul Hamid in his speech urged members of the movement to revisit and listen to the various unique speeches of the Reverend leader of the Islamic movement Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) during Shuhada day of the movement with the zeal and determination to emulate the various lessons and tasks highlighted. He also called for inter-zonal  visitation of the foundation and to prepare for various challenges.
Sheikh Muhammad M. Turi reiterated the call made by Mal Abdul Hamid during his speech. He went further to reiterate the call made by
Sayyid Zakzaky (H) : ‘to those that venture in martyring the servants of Allah, we shall never forget your tyranny’.  

 He called on the perpetrators to repent and join the Struggle, otherwise painful chastisement here and hereafter  awaits them . He reiterated that they either stop all forms of tyranny or not the Struggle shall  never back off.

Sheikh Turi also  called on the  children of the martyrs  to stay upright in the Path  of Allah through various spiritual activities that will bring them closer  to Allah and to continue their educational strive .
To members of the movement he called on  them to avoid indulging in all unlawful acts and  to ensure that their  source of income is lawful and towards various spiritual activities that will bring them closer to their Lord. Various trophies and award where given to units that distinguished themselves in the Foundations outlined tasks. likewise gifts were handed to living martyrs that were injured at different occasions. A closing prayer by Sheikh Turi marked the end of this year’s Kano Zone Martyred day.

Muhammad Isa reports from kano.