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Zeenah Ibrahim: A Woman of True Virtue

By Shuaibu Ahmad
All forms of kindness to women are accepted in the world of humanity where sensibility and responsibility are the norm. It is considered an obligation to make women happy because they deserve to be respected and honored. 

Their importance to the entire world in moral upbringing is immeasurable, that is why in Islamic worldview, woman has a distinct identity , she is given the right to own property , the right to inherit her father and mother, the right to dispose her earnings and properties as she wishes within the bounds of lawful, reasonable and rational actions. The Importance of women as mothers, wives and sisters is of high esteem that is why the Noble Prophet of Islam Muhammad(S) clearly stated that paradise lies at the feet of your mothers. Logically, every sensible person will agree with me if I said that it is the generous (in character) who is good to women and it is the wicked who insult and maltreated them. Surprisingly, I was reading my dear country’s online papers, Nigeria, eventually I happened to see this:

  Court asked to order arrest of El-Zakzaky’s wife – Vanguard News (Danbaba Gyang)

         Zeenah Ibraheem, the wife of the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) is a woman of virtue who  cares about the dignity and wellbeing of women in general, she is a woman who so much care about children to the extent that she sacrifices all what she have just to see children live in a better life , this is not a new thing to people who know Zeenah Ibraheem. She is a Yoruba Woman by tribe but never for once been carried away by elements of tribal sentiment , all what she cares is serving her Creator Allah to be best of her ability , kindness to children and sympathizing with the oppressed people where ever they are.
        Despite the dynamic influences of the present situation of the world today and busy schedules to dealing with day to day activities, Zeenah Ibraheem makes it a creative endeavor to see child raising as a process of leading children to develop in thought, strength to stand and work for themselves and also work towards establishing a profound personality that will strengthen the bond of love between parents and their children. This elderly woman was shot twice by the Nigerian Army in her belly, drag in blood after killing six of her male children in cold blood, her husband Shaikh Zakzaky(H) was shot several times before been abducted and finally the house was burned with people inside including the biological sister of Shaikh Zakzaky , Hajiya Fatima Ya’aqub and later, the house was demolished  completely by Kaduna state Government under the executive governor of the state , Nasir El-Rufa’I . And the reason for all these atrocities was “road blockage” in a certain place far away from the house of Shaikh Zakzaky(H). Every sensible person will begin to ask, what are the civilized approaches that were supposed to be taken, constitutionally in relation to “road blockage “in general.
        Is Mr Danbaba Gyang not aware that for almost hundred (100) days now, since the 12th -14th Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army, Zeenah Ibraheem has been held incommunicado with her husband Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) by the Nigerian authority?  Major General Adeniyi Oyebade has categorically said that the leader of the Islamic Movement Shaikh EL-Zakzaky have been taken into custody after raids on at least three locations (VOA, Press TV. 15/12/2015).
For what crime were her six male children massacred in cold blood? What is the crime of Zeenah Ibraheem to deserve this barbaric treatment?What is the crime of 1000+ of innocent and defenseless brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement to warrant their murder? Please Mr Damb Gyang should summon courage and go through the events that happened with objective mind because whatever you choose to do will reflect on you – good or bad, sooner or later.
       I will like to conclude by saying Allah Is the Protector of Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife, He Is the Creator of all things, always with His pious servants and forever He is the Strongest and the Creator of Power, He will break the backbone of blood thirsty evildoers anytime He wishes. Zeenah Ibraheem is a strong and God fearing Woman, courageous and generous, She Must be freed.