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By Muhammad Darazo
It is time to break the hush, the kidnappers should speak, the Government should speak, Justice must be done and our girls must be released. When the Nigerian Army kidnapped the Chibok girls, the world was shocked and different campaigns, rallies and protest were made across the world to facilitate their freedom, it was a very good effort from people of conscience.

 Once again, on the 12-14 of December, 2015, something similar to the Chibok kidnapping happened again in Zaria. The Nigerian Army fully dressed and armed with dangerous weapons belonging to the Nigeria Government, planned and executed an attack against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria with the intention, knowledge, directives and supervision of those in authority. The attack aimed at cracking down the Islamic Movement in Nigeria which took place for more than 50 hours.

Some of the survivors of the attack revealed that some ladies were raped before they were killed or burnt to death. It was very disturbing and inhumane act that every "Human" must take to heart, it is not about religion, tribe or race, it is about humanity. Much has came out of the unfortunate #ZariaMassacre including shooting at the private part, one of the victims of this atrocity is still lying in the hospital and denied international passport by the Nigerian Government to seek for medical attention from specialized doctors. It is quite unfortunate that we eat and sleep comfortably when our women are treated this way.

After successfully killing as much as they could, raping as much as they could, they kidnapped many people and kept them incommunicado for more than 8 months now. Among those kidnapped are innocent girls from different families and schools, One of the victims called to confirmed that they were arrested and taken in to custody by the coward army, for more than 8 months, their fate is still unaccounted for. Neither the kidnappers nor their master has said anything about them. Most of them had some degrees of injury ranging from gun shots, explosions, torture and humiliation, so except the abductors and their partners in crime, nobody knows what they are presently going through.

They all have parent and loved ones, they all belong to families, schools and associations, they are citizen of the country, so they pay tax to the Government. They were not tried in any court for more than 8 months. The Commission of inquiry to the Massacre has cleared them of any crime, they are innocent girls. Why is the Government holding them? Why are they denied the right of visitation? Does any Government exist in Nigeria? Are their Human rights activist in Nigeria?

Fatima Ahmad Idris and Nusaiba Yakubu are undergraduate students of Usman Danfodio University (UDUS) Sokoto, Sumayyah Isa Hassan, Fatima Isa Waziri and Fatima Ali Muhammad are students of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, Fatima Yakubu and Khadija Yakubu are students of Nigerian Institute of Science and Leather Research, Fauziyah Shehu, Maimuna Shehu, Khadija Ibraheem, Nusaiba Shahfi’u and many other girls are all students of different institutions across the country. They lost complete session and may be complete program of their schools. They are human, they deserve justice. I call on all activist with feelings of #humanity to join me in seeking justice for Our girls. "Enough is Enough". An Injustice to one is an injustice to all.