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Zaria Pogrom: FREE ZAKZAKY!

By: Ammar M. Rajab.
In the aftermath of the Zaria massacre, many people described it as inhumane, and wild beast attitude; depicting the Nigerian army as murderers of the century. Till now, since this barbaric behaviour by the Nigerian government led by a 74 years old man, 

members of the Movement continued to storm the streets of the country to protest the  extrajudicial killings and demand the unconditional release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife and hundreds plus of his followers who are under  detention and the whereabout of many remain unknown. During the protest, the protesters carrying and raise placards which inscribed ‘FREE ZAKZAKY’, and raised the Sheikh Posters demand for his immediate and unconditional release. Not only protest, the members of IMN engage themselves in Du’a, seeking for Allah’s intervention.

Meanwhile, write-ups are among of the things the members of the movement do in social media, their Newspaper published weekly in Hausa language called ‘ALMIZAN’, their 3 website (2 post in English, 1 in Hausa Language) to conveyed the real and authentic story of the massacre as the government go on propaganda in the state owned Television, Radio,print and new media to blackmail the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

People of conscience describe the ongoing paid campaign as a shame to Nigerian government. Why the government choose to tarnish the image of the movement? What is their foredeal in doing that? What they will achieve? Is there any hiding agenda after the massacre? It’s pertinent  the government to know that; a deception is always a deception, nobody, whosever he is can paint it to become truth. A liar is always villainous and the truth always prevail. The Almighty Allah says; “And we will most certainly try you with something of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits,’ and give good news to the patient. (Al-Baqarah, 155)

For the members of the movement, this is not strange to us, the tyrants in any era, fight with the path of the justice, and we know that Sheikh Zakzaky has stand with justice and his movement is against injustice. That is why many despotic Nigerian governments attacked the movement and fear the rise of the movement as they know the end of their despotism, injustice, corruption, cultism is the movement. Human history show those in the right path always be tested. The life of our beloved prophet is a mirror to the Muslims. Likewise, the life of our beloved successor of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf), Amirul Muminin, Ali Ibn Abi Talib is also a mirror. Also, when we look at the life of grandson of Prophet Muhammad,  Imam Husain (as), the leader of youth in the paradise (he and his brother), he was killed in a cold blood by the tyrants of his life time who claimed to be Muslims. Killing Imam Husain (as) didnt not bring the call of Imam Husain to an end, but that his message overlaid the whole world. Our believe resort to that of true believers of the past. The Almighty Allah in his holy book says; “Do people think they will be left alone saying: We believe, and not be tried? And certainly we tried those before them so Allah will certainly know who are true and He will certainly know the liars. (Al-Ankabut, 2 & 3)

For the government, we still demand the unconditional and immediate release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife, hundreds of our detained fathers, brothers and sisters. And we will continue our protest as the constitutions that govern the nation-state give us the right to do so. We will continue redress legally. Initially, the movement is based on knowledge and thinking. We do not understand any word rather than ‘FREE ZAKZAKY’ and we would continue to shout-out until our revered Sheikh is released. The struggles continue.