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By Muhammad Darazo
It is quite unfortunate that after a genocide against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, which claimed the lives of 1000+ women, men children, infants and the sick, destroyed properties worth billions of Naira, the Nigerian Army under the command and supervision of the Nigerian Government kidnapped some of the girls of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. 

It was revealed by one of the victims of the massacre that some of her friends were raped and killed or burnt to death, she survived by resisting rape and in return, she got a bullet in her private part which ruined her life completely. She was denied international passport to seek for medication from specialized doctors in another country. Another victim also denied international passport was burnt completely, only God delivered him and kept him alive to tell the world what a barbarity he witnessed.

Though, those in authority are trying to vindicate themselves from the worst genocide, but it is open for everyone to see that they are party to it. The girls of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria that were kidnapped on 12-14 of December, 2015 are innocent, they didn’t commit any crime as confirmed by the "Commission of Inquiry" to the massacre. Most of them were arrested with various degrees of injury resulting from gun shots, explosion, fire and humiliation of different kind. One of the victims called and confirmed that they were arrested by the Nigerian Army, another surviving victim that is under medication at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital said they were taken to Basawa Barracks together with the girls, she was taken to the hospital due to her gun shot injury in the private part.

It is quiet unfortunate that the world is silent about this, 8 months after abducting the girls, neither the Kidnappers nor the Government said anything about them, we are talking about more than 100 girls. Only God knows what they are going through, only God knows how many of them died due to lack of proper medication. It is now open for everyone to see that the Nigerian Government is committing crime against it citizens.

Our girls have parents, they have family and loved ones that so much care about them, they have friends and associates. Our girls are all students of different institutions. It is very abstruse for a Government to arrest, abduct or kidnap 100+ students and keep them incommunicado for more than 8 months, some of them are final year students, there mates have graduated while their fate is still unaccounted for. Am calling and insisting to all "Human", to show their #humanity on this issue, it is not about religion, it is not about tribe, it is not about race. Let’s fight for the rights of others as fighting for the rights of others means fighting for our rights. "Enough Is Enough", let’s speak louder, let the Government of know that we are alive, let the world know that we need justice, let’s get our girls released. Please join me in the campaign, #BringBackOurZariaGirls. An Injustice for one is an injustice for all. #FreeZakzaky #BringBackOurZariaGirls