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ZARIA MASSACRE: Tribute To Shaheed Adamu Na Imamu

By Muhammad Kabir Kabara
It is with total submission to almighty ALLAH the most high I am witting this lines of tribute to our great *HERO *shaheed Adamu Na Imamu, popularly known as Na Imamu. 

Na Imamu was among those that are indiscriminately killed along side hundreds of brothers and sisters on 13, December, 2015, during Nigerian Army raid on the residence of the revered leader of the Movement, Gyallesu, Zaria.

Shaheed na Imamu, before his death, was the secretary of Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement (AFIM) Usmanu Dan Fodiyo university, sokoto chapter, after serving as one time the chairman of the forum. Na’imamu was known to his roommates and other course mates as a person of upright charecter and a role model ”He always sweep our room and even a times wash  utensils”. He carried the burden of running the affairs of the forum with full of his capacity, he encouraged and motivated us not to give off as the university is not supporting our activities on campus. I can vividly remember, what he reminded us during our congress meeting in city campus “ KAI WALLAHI BABU ABIN DA ZAI FARU, BADAI DEGREE BANE? TO SAI AMBAMU KUMA BAZA MU FASA GWAGWARMAYA BA! DAGA NAN HAR GABAN V.C ZAMU JE”. ( By God, nothing would happen to us. Is it not the issue of getting our degree certificateS?  We must be given our certificates and we will never stop the Islamic struggle)  INNALILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHIRRAJIUN.

 We had a great loss; the backbone of the Forum has passed away and leave us in a great dilemma. Actually, Shaheed Na Imamu encouraged me not to be nervous as a member of the Islamic movement as my identity ”we are here for you! If in case anybody threatens you” he told me after Dua tawwasul held a the  permanent site of the university.

Before his death, Shaheed Na Imamu was a graduate of Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University Sokoto, and passed at the age of 27. I pray to almighty ALLAH to give us the courage to bear this fortunate loss of our patron member of AFIM UDUS and his family. We pray May Allah accept his martyrdom and make paradise to be his final abode.

Muhammad Kabir Kabara


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,

Usmanu Dan fodiyo university, sokoto.