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ZARIA MASSACRE: The New Imperialist System To Exploit Africa

BY Ammar M. Rajab
The Zaria massacre by the Nigerian government through its army is a premeditated attacked that is contracted to them by the western imperialist using the new imperialist system to exploit Africa, Nigerian in particular and milk the country dry by looting the resources of the Gi-ANT of Africa. 

The new imperialism, install their Trojan horses to tempered the political system, tribal communities, and deteriorate the ailing economy of Nigerian, in particular. The main aim of Zaria carnage is to wipe-out Islamic Movement in Nigeria by routinely killing of it members and arresting them. This will lead the country into flame that will cause chaos in the rest of the country.

But, due to unprecedented patient of members of IMN, the country is still were it is now. The action taken by members of IMN is commendable, as they didn’t take law into their hands, but take a legal procedure. The members of IMN have the knowledge that their leader was shot 4-6 times; as reported, his wife also shot, his 3 children were killed in cold blood on his eyes, elder sister of the Shaikh also killed (burn alive as reported by an eye witness) thousand plus of his followers killed and hundreds are under illegal detention in Kaduna State Prison. Inside report shows that; some members of the Movement are under the custody of the military. Till now, Nigerian government does not give the leader of the movement his provisional constitutional right since his illegal detention, for he has been kept incommunicado for over 60 days. Since the Zaria carnage in the month of December, 2015 many people were different in opinion regarding the unfortunate and avoidable incident. The premeditated attack by the Nigerian government through its army that resulted to the killings of thousand plus of unarmed citizens, it shows how wicked and lawless Nigerian government has been operating.

The massacre had draw attention of many countries such as; USA, Britain, Iran to condemn the killings officially. Meanwhile, some of the countries not only condemn the atrocities but storm to the Nigerian embassy to protest against the illegal detention of leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Perhaps, in some of countries, few to mention; India, Pakistan, Sweden, Norway, London, USA, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Tanzania, Niger, Bahrain, and so on, storm the street pressing the unconditional and immediate release of Shaikh Zakzaky, his wife and hundreds plus of his followers. Likewise, individual personalities also condemned the massacre.

The human rights watch (HRW) reports have it that many children and women were killed and burnt alive during the attack. The Zaria killings is matter of humanity not believe, creed, sect, or religion that is why you may find out many humans that have human feelings sympathized with the members of the movement and condemn the killings. But some who ‘claim’ to be humans, elate the killings and applaud the Nigerian army for killing the minority Shi’a Muslims. Even though, no religion or whatsoever believe in this earth endorsed killings without following a due process. The Nigerian army claimed ‘assassination of COAS’ by members of IMN, then tagged ‘blockade of road’ which the IMN rebuke the claims and put some questions to Nigerian authority that has no answer till now.

The Nigerian government claim operating democracy system of government which guarantees the right to live, freedom of expression and freedom to choose whatever religion (as enshrined the in 1999 constitution of FRN, as amended). This is to say Nigerian government has a secular belief. To come back to people rejoice with the killings, large percentage of them (the Muslims) are misguided with the opinion of; ‘SHI’A MUSLIM CAUSE THE COMPANIONS OF PROPHET OF ISLAM,’ this claim is a fabricated in order to send people far away with the members of IMN led by Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and not to comprehend the real aim, objectives of the movement and the teachings of the leader.

The enemies of peace and unity used this claim as a tool to ramify the Muslim’s. Listen the leader of the movement; you may understand the real colour of Islam and how the leader is teaching his members spiritually. Basically, the movement is built on knowledge and thinking that is why it is unified body than any body of people. Those falsified claims that you heard about the movement, is from their enemy not from them. Justice (as an individual) is to say what they say not to say what they did not say. Put it in mine that; whatever you pronounce you shall recall saying it again in the hereafter. Ideally, be just person as you know you cannot stand firmly and said; almighty Allah endorsed the killings. Be a humane.

In Conclusion, an Anthropologist Dr. Z. A Gundu describe knowledge system; “as a way of knowing different ideas in different ways.” In view of the definition I may say that solution in resolving any conflicts (as you may called it) is not in fighting but to engage and exchange ideas and know the remote of any knowledge to understand one another. Be in peace with your neighbours; don’t allow to be used as a hunting dog to put your country into flame. “When conflict exist in a country, their will be no development in that country.”