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Muhammad Darazo
By Muhammad Darazo According to her mother, Fatima Isa Wazeeri (Dahira) is 22yrs, she was born on 24th December, 1993. Also the daughter of Dr WAZIRI Isa (Abujihad). She is an Obedient, God-fearing, kind, sociable and caring for her younger ones and had good relationship with people.

 She had a diploma certificate in computer science at Institute of Computing and ICT A. B. U. Zaria. She was admitted at 200Level to study Computer science at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, she completed her registration before the unfortunate #ZariaMassacre. During 2014 #QudsMassacre in which 3 sons of sheikh Zakzaky (H) were martyred, she was left with many holes on her hijab and a bruise on her tummy. On 13th of December, 2015, she called in the morning and informed her parent that she was shot on her stomach. She was at Gyallesu, the residence of sheikh Zakzaky (H) when the unfortunate carnage occur.

According to Bilkisu Kabir Malumfashi, She was together with Fatima Wazeeri Isa until she was shot and laid helpless. Before the last bullet that hit her down, she was around Sheikh Zakzaky’s residence trying to resist the oppression. She was shot on her tummy, but she didn’t know until when she went to see the condition of the injured people laid in Sheikh Zakzaky’s neighboring house, the medical team of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria noticed blood flowing from her tummy and admitted her for first aid. When the coward Nigerian Army reached Sheikh Zakzaky’s residence’s door step, Dahira confronted them while chanting "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is great), she was chanting very courageous and fearless. The medical team were busy taking in the injured and the martyred. At that point, Dahira was shot again and laid helpless, she was seen moving her hands, a sign of looking for help. That’s the end of Bilkisu’s version.

Until proved otherwise, Dahira was among the abducted #ZariaGirls. After the preplanned attack on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the Nigerian Army abducted some of the girls of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria as confirmed by some of the survivors of the carnage. The Nigerian Army did that under the command and control of the Nigerian Government. Up to now, neither the abductors nor the Nigerian Government say anything about the girls, no body knows how many are they. Most of them had various degrees of injuries ranging from gun shot, fire, torture and humiliation of many kinds.

For more than 8 months, no any Government official say anything about the abducted girls whose number is 50-100, defending on the fraction of them that are dead. Credible information revealed that the abducted girls are with the DSS, this prove the Nigerian Government’s implication on the massacre. This oppression is too much, our silence means that we accept it. Let’s stand up for our girls,


#FreeZakzaky #BringBackOurZariaGirls

Muhammad Darazo