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ZARIA MASSACRE: President Muhammadu Buhari the Vanquish, Citizen Muhammad Buhari Jega the Victor.

By Abdallah Muhammad Makama
Much has been said, and much is yet to be said about the Zaria December pogrom, as is usual with events of such magnitude when most of the participants, actors and spectators are either deceased or in outmost shock, fear, incapacitation, incarceration , and or restrictions what is only available is always less than the fraction of the real event. 

All or most will only be uncovered by posterity when the face value of such events has metamorphosed into history, by then it has already lost its taste,worth and importance and liable to debate, distortions and alterations. No thanks to “his excellency” Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s sordid contribution of demolishing and defacing any available alibi that can lead to their culpability in committing the crime.

You normally hear a Victor and vanquish when there are party or parties and in some situationsaccessories whereby one party(s) triumphs or outwit the otherin a bid to attain supremacy.

But the situation of Shaheed Muhammad Bello Buhari Jega and President Muhammadu Buhari Daura is dissimilar being that Buhari Jega is an ardent and passionate supporter of Muhammadu Buhari, in which he invested his time, energy and intellect for the realization of Muhammadu Buhari’s victory at the polls, Muhammad Bello Buhari Jega a political scientist and journalist by convocation, and civic activist by occupation exerted all he has in defence and spreading the gospel of the quest for Buhari’s Presidency, with thecontribution of similar and multitude likes of Muhammad Buhari Jega, the man Muhammadu Buhari Daura was enthrone as president and commander in-chief of the army forces of Nigeria. Alas! After seven months of coronating Muhammadu Buhari with one of the votes and concerted efforts of Muhammad Buhari Jega and his ilk, the former appreciated the later with an end of year gift of bullet in the same brain that was used to sale and defend the same benefactor Muhammadu Buhari Daura.

What a Christmas hamper(full of bullets)! Friends and colleagues of Buhari Jega particularly those that served along with him in Kogi state as an independent election observerduring thelast presidential elections,could not help but register disbelieve and utter astonishment to oga Buratai’s boy’s inhumanity to humans, the first of its kind in Nigeria. Hence, the hypothesis” Muhammadu Buhari the Vanquish, Muhammad Buhari Jega the Victor” because any discerning person will judge and conclude that citizenMuhammad Buhari Bello Jega Has accomplished the bargain from his own end as a patriotic citizen, but President Muhammadu Buhari Daura has failed in his responsibility as the general overseer of the defenceless masses and the mandate giving to him by the electorate in their hopeso that in return he protect their personal integrity lives and properties. Now who is the Victor and who is the Vanquish?President Muhammadu Buhari or Citizen Muhammad Buhari? Potential leaders like Citizen Muhammad Buhari are the ones President Muhammadu Buhari was referring to as “over excited youth beating the chest of an army general” during his presidential media chat, based on the dramatized, doctored and ill edited video footagepurportedly shown to misled him and any supposed fleeceable Nigerian.

I first met Buhari Bello Jega when I was  having a stint at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he approach me for assistance in his academic research project which I readily oblige, gave him a series of monthly publication of the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, thereafter a mutual relationship that is going to last in less than a decade began, initially I fell head over toe in admiration of the lively fellow, but lately I involuntarily envy him, reason(s) which I later discovered to be his captivating, sterling and enviable charming demeanour added with his achieving and winning in almost all and more of the spiritual and personal feat that I yearn to achieve but fail woefully, at others times I always feel guilty and intimidated by the younger generation of our brothers like Jega who summon courage and overcome what we hitherto considered unsurmountable and went ahead to surpass the bench mark. I got the wedding invitation of Buhari Bello Jega from numerous brothers including his father in-law Abubakar Zaki, Adamu Malami, Alhaji Uwaisu Dan’ute, Al-Huda Islamic Organization and of course the bridegroom himself, that epoch wedding fatiha turns to a session of reunion as all the Abuja brothers, colleagues, and old school friends are in attendance.

My best andmost memorable public encounter that I always cherish to relate about MBBJ as friends and colleagues fondly call him wasearly November-2013, when I served as the organizing secretary of international conference on Islamic Banking and finance held at the International conference centre Abuja, Jega readily comes to mind when I was canvassing for competent hands to assist me put some finishing touches at the last minutes of the event, Jega’s contributions, suggestions and criticism proved very effective and instrumental to the success of the conference, I remember the convener of the conference Askia Nasiru Kabara wondering how Jega conveniently distributed the 35 available rooms we booked at the Nicon Hilton hotelwhereas the emir of Das alone came along with more than a dozen and half courtiers and entourage, what do you expect from an intelligent pert that was opportune to have the rare privilege of the private and personal tutelage of erudite academics like Dr. Abubakar Sadiq and Dr Kabir Mato all of the university of Abuja political science department. It was at the conclusion of the conference that I appreciate Jega’s quintessential intellectual dexterity and managerial acumen.

One of the hilarious moments that will remain indelible in the minds of Nigerians was when Buhari Jega posed a very extemporaneous but pertinent question to our former president Olusegun Obasanjo during the annual Daily trust event which put Baba off guard,after the intrepid question there wereexcitement, drama and fun, the former president who was the special guest of honour at the occasion was visibly indisposed by the young man’s query about how Baba imposed not too healthy Yar’adua as president deliberately to pave way for vice president Jonathan to later clinch the coveted office, the next day all the major Nigerian dailies were awash with various captions referring Buhari Jega as the witty young man who cornered the president and renders him befuddled and nervy.Jega has really enjoyed and utilized the artisanshiphe had with the Abuja Centre for political Research and development, in fact it was only the previews week of the fateful event that he came back from Katsina for a workshop he organized to the state legislators.

Members of the Al-Huda Islamic education and culture Abuja will not forget Buhari in a hurry, as they are going to miss his weekly half an hour political and current affairs analysis that is very informative and educative, others that are also going to miss his incisive, intelligent and analytical contributions areall the foreign Hausa radio services almost all of them and some local FM stations in Abuja which also enjoyed and seek his constructive critique, comments andinsights into burning national issues. Friends in the social media and comrades in the struggle for a better Nigeria are already missing a companion and compatriot thatalways ginger and arouse their urge for intellectual exercise which strengthen their faith and hope in the change we voted and which we all anticipated, but coincidentally the same change Buhari Jega passionately subscribed is the instrument of that same change that end up terminating his life prematurely and unjustly.

Sakinat a final year student of sociology Ahmadu Bello University Zaria is one of the dream project of Buhari, all arrangement of her wedding is in top gear, but Buhari will not be there to see his one and cherished biological younger sister’s happiest day on earth after toiling to make sure that she became an accomplished woman, Sakinat as with most orphans solely relied on her only surviving brother cum father, which I want to believe thattheir most senior sister aunty Biba cannot fill the vacuum! The fraternal sentimental love, care and commitment that is seldom common between siblings has dealt a debilitating blow to the psyche of young Sakinat.

In-laws Shehu and Abubakar Zaki who also loss three daughters and granddaughter (Batool, Jega’s eighteen months daughter) andbosom friends like Saminu Azare, Abdur-Rahman Abu Hamisu a lecturer in Police Academy Wudil will only compensate and immortalized Jega by naming their soon to be born children after Buhari, Buhari with the meagre income in his purse made Jamilu a proud graduate, thus cousins like Jamilu have nothing to utter but uncontrollable stream of tears for the loss of a dear brother friend and mentor, for people like Adamu Malami and Abdurrahman Maududi and many more numerous to mention who’s closeness and intimacy transcend friendship, the duo stayed in Buhari’s house in Gwagwalada throughout the period of their study at university of Abuja free of charge. Buhari’s wife Aisha and his eighteen months lovely toddler Batool’s heart rendering fate at Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah Zaria reminds me of Michael Moynihan’s non-fiction accounts of the early Norwegian Black Metal scene,“try to keep those bloody women’s bloody heads on their bloody shoulders by somehow helping them make this whole mad impossible scheme actually work” “Lord of Chaos” 1994, page 519.

In this case the mad impossible schemes actually work! As Shaheed Buhari Bello Jega depict avivid but succinct account of minutes by minute’sassaults of the gory state of affairs surrounding the whole perimeter fence of Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah by the “Bloody” army boys of bloodguilt Buratai. In his Facebook post, culled from ENDS

He described how the military stationed in battle-mode outside the complex was firing shots and missiles at any living or moving thing within. How they were bombing the building.

At 2:37am he posted:

Disappointment and confusion in the camp of Nigerian soldiers as they about to face the biggest shame of their lives… they have done all the killing and injuring score of brothers and sisters, yet, we remain peaceful. They expected confrontation, the only thing they are getting is the loud slogan of “Allahu Akbar” Allahu Akbar” Allahu Akbar” Ya Mahdi Ya Mahdi Ya Mahdi is what is echoing here from brothers and sisters and children … What a disappointing outing for the Zionists zombies…. as shame and defeat is eminent .. with all the re-enforcement and weapons and shooting Power, the Will and resolved of brothers and sisters is just getting started… You cannot structure us according to your fancy …. We are Muslim.. Lovers of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad ….. We have a code of ethics and engagement… No provocation can force us to do your bidding … If you have border to read about Islam … it is a defensive religion not offensive ….. and they are alot of steps and procedure of engagement in Jihad please…. You cannot structure us according to your ignorance and deception #‎siegeonhussainiyyabaiyyatullah


When I read this dreadful and touchy post of Jega I didn’t know when I burst into tears uncontrollably and continue sobbing profusely. In fact you aren’t seen anything yet, read Shaheed Buhari Bello Jega’s last post in this ephemeral world.

“A shot hit Bukhari’s wife, Aisha and she fell. She had their baby, little Batoola on her back and perhaps from crushing or suffocation, they died together”

At 3:25am Bukhari said:

“Nigeria Soldier has just won a medal of cowardice by bombing the front view of Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah ….Loud explosion has shattered the front view of beautiful Hussaniyya Baqiyyatullah information reaching us now …. What is the meaning of this? Is Hussainiyya the new found Sambisa Forest?”

“Bukhari finally posted that may Allah forgive me and anyone I have offended, I may be killed any moment and I am ready to meet my Lord. It was Bukhari’s last post. Bukhari Muhammad Bello Jega died that night. From Allah he came and to Allah he returned”

At 4:24 am Bukhari’s said his last words:

“Unfortunate battery is running out and maybe this is my last post …. and it is already morning as the call for prayers is already taking shape insha Allah … Whatever the situation please do forgive us we are not perfect but just trying to see what we can contribute so that we can have excuses before Allah when he asks us about the state of affair about Islam… We can say Ya Rabbi we did our best and in the process we were martyred in the process.”

Before now I use to admire and later envy Shaheed Muhammad Bello Buhari Jega on mundane affairs in which I was struggling to catch up, which I woefully fail to, now another rare landmark has been achieved by him which unlike the former cannot be achieve or matched by personal effort but only by divine grace whichI cannot match either unless by His grace. Martyrdom the most lofty and supreme height of the heights was achieved by brother Muhammad Bello Buhari Jega.

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un! Buhari Muhammad Bello Jega gave up the ghost and left to the great beyond as a result of the Nigerian army barrage of artillery that was purchase by Nigerians hard earn tax which was used to target same tax payers.May your soul rest in perfect peace, until we meet to part no more, adieu brother Shaheed Muhammad Buhari Bello Jega.

“And call not those who are slain in the way of Allah “dead” Nay, they are living, only you perceive not.

 And surely we shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops, but give glad tidings to the steadfast.

Who say when a misfortune striketh them. Lo! We are Allah’s and lo! Unto Him we are returning” Qur’an 2:154-155-156.

Abdallah Muhammad Makama

Secretary, Shi’ibi Abi Talib Islamic Organization

Jabi, Abuja.