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Zaria massacre: How I lost my husband, 6 children-Maimuna Abdullahi Abbas

By Ammar Rajab & Mahdi Garba
In this interview with our reporters in Zaria, Malama Maimuna Abdullahi Abbas gives an insight on her ordeal, losing her soul mate and six children during the clamp down on the Islamic movement in Nigeria. Below is the interview.

Q. Introduce yourself to our readers

A. I am Maimuna Abdullahi Husaini

Q. Can you tell us the number of your family members who were confirm martyred in the aftermath of the recent attack by the Nigerian military at Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah and Gyellesu (Sheikh Zakzaky’s residence) from 12th-14th December?

A. Precisely, I can’t say the number since they haven’t give us a single corpse of our brothers. Though, some are saying 3 of my sons are confirm and the whereabout of the 3 is still unknown. But no matter what Allah rules, its the best for us. Its a test which he give believers, May Allah give us the fortitude to bear it.

Q. How many are they?

A. They are 7, Abdullahi Abbas (My husband), Abdulrazak Abdullahi, Abbas Abdullahi, Muhammad Abdullahi, Ahmad Abdullahi, Ibrahim Abdullahi and Jawad Abdullahi.

Q. In brief, What, when and how was your last encounter with the 7 of them?

A. All of them were in school, so we haven’t spoke before their demise.

Q. How how can you describe this clampdown on the Islamic movement?

A. Its a mega test indeed from Allah (swt) and that’s how the path is. My children, in thier utterance have said that they are workers (Islamic activists) and ready to go any moment.

Q. During the attack, the Soldiers invaded the residence of the leader of the Islamic movement Sheikh Zakzaky, killed his 3 sons in cold blood, shot him and his wife before whisking away with them, how can you describe your ordeals after losing a soul mate and 6 sons?

A. I feel tensed any time I remember, that 3 of  Sheikh Zakzaky’s are killed in cold blood and that led to the exponentiation of my blood pressure *crying*.

Q. In terms of behavior, how can you describe your children?

A. Throughout thier life, they hate my annoyance or distress and I hate theirs. And, I don’t have grudge with anyone among them. They are all excelling in thier studies. They have been peaceful with thier Dad. My prayer is if they are martyred, May Allah accept their martyrdom and if they they are alive may Allah liberate them.

Q. The last but not the least, what’s your message to fellow brothers and sisters as well as mothers who lost thier children during the onslaught?

A. My message to fellow embattled mothers is; May Allah give them the fortitude to bear the lost, since I our leader’s trial is more than ours and his children are tens of ours.

mamuna lost husband and six children

Maimuna Abdullahi