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Zaria Massacre: How Brothers and Sister Triumphed Over Buhari

By Saminu Azare
The killing of over one thousnad brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement in Zaria in December 2015 and continued detention of their leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has made Shi’a Muslims to be more powerful with the participation of thausands at 2019 International Quds protest in solidarity of Palestine and condemnation of Israeli’s atrocities in Palestine.

Massive participation in quds procession in the central Business of Abuja, indicated that Nigerian government did not benefits anything in executing Zaria massacre where young intelligent Nigerian students were killed, people like Buhari Bello Jega,Nusaiba Abubakar Zaki and Fatima Abubakar Zaki to mention but few.

The activities of the Islamic Movement has now spread to the Nigerian Capital city Abuja from Northern Nigerian cities, despites killings by security operatives at Zuba and Yanya areas in Abuja last seven months during Arba’een of Imam Husain (Alaihis salam)

Infact the essence of Zaria massacre was to crush the Islamic Movement as directed by US government and sponsored by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and executed by Nigerian government under Tyrant President Muhammad Buhari – a Hausa/Fulani Muslim from Northern Nigeria.

Suprisingly, most of the perpertrators of Zaria masscre were Hausa/Fulani muslims,the religious leaders that supported the atrocities were also Hausa /Fulani Muslims, the Media practitioners with their conglomerates that did not show any symphaty were from North too.

The southerners who are predominently christians have condemned the artocities in the strongest terms on humanitarian ground and continued to mount pressure on president Buhari to obey court order of Federal High court Abuja in 2016 to release Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenat.

Prior to Zaria massacre of 2015, president Buhari was the most respected politician in the history of Northern Nigeria, but with continue persecution of his fellow muslims, a chanting slogans of death to Buhari is common among the muslims more especially during Juma’at prayer at National Mosque Abuja, which is the slap on his face, as no any Nigerian president who encountered such an embassment in the Nation history.

The only way out to resolve this issue is to release the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky with his wife Malama Zeenat for foreign medical treatment of various degrees of gun injuries they sustained after the Nigerian attacked his residence at Gyallesu area in Zaria, killing his three sons, thausands of his folliwers while demolishing  his House on the pretext of road blockade to chief of Army staff Lt Gen. Yusuf Tukur Burutai.

 Quds day procession in Abuja on Fri the 31 th of may 2019

Quds day in Abuja