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Zaria Massacre: Court Re-adjourned Hearing of Detained Brothers, Changes Court for the Hearing

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu

Court in Kaduna which handles brother’s case who were in prison custody, since after the Nigerian Army deliberate attack on Islamic Movement on Saturday, 12/12/2015, has yesterday, the 29th March, 2016, re-adjourned the hearing for the third time, till on 29 April 2016.

The presiding  Joudge of the Majistrate court, Kaduna State, Justice Adamu Musa this time around led the teaming counsels to the Government and those of the IMN to the convict prison premises in a less tight security  compared to the last hearing session which took place amidst tight security.

During the hearing, the counsel to the Government presented the allegations on the brothers, but, they were all rejected.

Prior to the rounding off of the hearing session, the counsel to Governmrnt announced  change of court, acknowleding

that, Magisrate court has no jurisduction for the hearing of the case. This was due to series of the allegations on brothers. The case

now has been forwarded to the Kaduna State High Court.

As at the time of compiling this report, the court personnels have since started compiling papers warranting the change of the court.

In the mean time, the counsel to the IMN, Barister Ishak Adam have forwarded the demand for the bail of brothers of young ages and those in admission in the prison’s hospital.

During his interview to the press, the counsel to the IMN Ishak Adam has espouded that, no rule of law according to Nigerian Custitution

that give privelage to any Court of law or security personnel to continue detaining any citizen of young age and detainee on medical attention.