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Zaria Massacre: Biafra People Condemns the Massacre in Zaria; Buhari a War Criminal.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are by no means shocked by the actions of the murderous Boko Haram infested army of British-Nigeria whose wickedness and thirst for blood knows no bounds. 

We empathize with Shiite minority in northern Nigeria especially because Biafrans are constant victims of this grotesquely unethical and terrorist army. 

In keeping with their ruthlessness, they have massacred more than 1000 Shiite minority Muslims in Zaria, Kaduna State between the weekend of December 13 and December 15, 2015. 

They claim that the Shiite group led by their leader Ibraheem Zakzaky opened fire or threw projectiles at the Chief of Army Staff’s convoy. There is no evidence yet to corroborate Nigerian government’s story. 

However, the Commander in Chief, a certified genocidist, who of course authorized the massacre, is defiant and silent about the killings. No official statement except a hurried mass burial to conceal the death toll according to reports.  

Apparently, for the sake of one army chief, more than 1000 human beings have been murdered in cold blood with impunity.

It must be noted that according to battle reports, this cowardly army deserts, surrenders, mutinies, sabotages, weeps, and scampers in all directions for their dear lives once interfaced with barely trained ragtag warriors.  

But, faced with unarmed civilians, little children, school girls, motorists, women, and villagers in bed at night, they become herculean warriors and killing machines. 

They have abducted and killed more than 300 peaceably protesting Biafrans within the last three months in full view of the world. 

Biafrans are troubled by the indifference of the world as regards the degree of British-Nigeria’s barbarism; nonetheless, we are condoling with the families of those that lost their family members in the massacres, and calling for independent investigation, and justice for the slain victims. 

In the aftermath of the massacres, the 19 northern State governors of British-Nigeria, all convened and unanimously affirmed the actions of the Nigerian soldiers; but admonished the media to “exercise restraint…”

This senseless massacre and the backup story are reminiscent of the murderous ex-president Obasanjo’s Odi Massacre in Bayelsa, and Zak-Ibiam in Benue States in 1999 and 2001 respectively wherein more than 5000 civilians were murdered by British-Nigerian Army on some bogus claims.

Keep in mind that Nigeria typically reports only about one fifth to one hundredth of death tolls from her frequent pogroms and mass burials.

Regrettably, Britain helps to bury the truth and ensure that there’s no accountability from her stooges so Britain is never implicated; but it is not Britain, but almighty God who has the final say. 

Both Obasanjo and Buhari for example were ring leaders in Biafra Genocide. Both are war criminals. Both are murderers. Both have ruled British-Nigeria twice each. 

But Britain has to protect these murderers because their re-colonization contract includes oppressing and keeping Nigeria one—under full control, at all times, at all costs, and by all means; no matter who or how many Black Africans must die, and no matter how many Black Africans are ruined; so long as Biafra’s oil and gas flow is undisturbed. 

In sum, without British “economic interests” thievery, and racism, it is very unlikely that any West African nation would reach this level of impunity, decadence, and wickedness. Britain thus is the mother of impunity and ruthless destruction of Black lives and societies. 

But how the same powers that rescued Britain from Nazi Germany’s nefarious territorial, sociopolitical, racist, and economic “interests” can sit idly by as Britain rapes, meddles, plunders, and destroys multitudes of Africans in pursuit of similar ambitions as Adolf Hitler is beyond reprehensible.  

Whereas Adolf Hitler was vociferous, ferocious, and direct; Britain is discreet, conniving, indirect, but ruthless. Nigeria must end for the humanity and dignity of those under this hopeless contraption to be restored. 

It is therefore with heavy hearts that Biafrans empathize and condole with northern Shiite minority.  

Ndubuisi Anukwuem