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Zaria Massacre: As The World Cries Earnestly For Justice!

TuriBy Sheikh Muhammad Turi
In the name of Allah who states “Deem not that Allah is heedless of what the iniquitous do; He is only deferring them to a day when eyes shall stare”. Q14:42

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His noble servant, our master Muhammad and his oppressed progeny.


It is very interesting to see the diverse nature of people trooping to condole the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) over the cold blooded murder of his sons and 33 members of the movement after the peaceful Quds day procession in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians on Friday, 25th July, 2014.


While extending the same through various means, countries, organizations and prominent individuals continue to call on Nigerian government and the International community on the urgent need for the perpetrators of this atrocity to be squarely brought to justice.


And thanks to Allah for exposing the magnitude of the brutality to world’s recognition despite government’s silence for about a week from the brutality until after a press conference held by the sheikh: “I am surprised that 33 people were killed and nobody from government is saying anything. My sons and some of the victims were tortured to death. They were taken alive to Basawa Barrack and tortured to death because there were signs of electric shocks on some of the corpses according to doctors. We have confirmed that (an officer) personally killed some of the victims including my sons”.


The sheikh continued, it would surprise you to know that there was even a roadside beggar among those that were killed. There was even one Mr. Nyanwu, about 68 year old who was also killed because he simply cautioned them on how they were killing innocent people.

Because of that they shot him to death. So it is not Shiites-soldiers clash but killing armless and defenseless people”.

For quite sometimes, the military has kept mute. However, after about a week from the massacre, the Nigerian defense headquarters spokesman, Maj. General Olukolade speaking over the incidence at a speech and prize giving ceremony of the Nigerian Military School (NMS), Zaria, said soldiers were not murderers, but people who are out to protect Nigerians. He added: we don’t want speak until we know all that is involved, the headquarters was concerned because of the fact that we always cherish good relationship with the Nigerian public and particularly Zaria being a home for the military in forms of training and interaction. We didn’t expect this degree of problem. That is why we must find out what really happened”.

But a response to his statement made available to the press, signed by Dr. Abdullahi Danladi on behalf of resource forum of the movement reads “Olukolade’s statement that the troops not being out to attack innocent citizens is not true. Your troops have killed 33 armless and defenseless people in one day, some of them cold – bloodedly murdered by various forms of torture and electrocution”

The statement added “So far 33 Muslims have been killed, three of whom are Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky’s sons, and a Christian old man Julius Anyanwu, 68, was also killed when he challenged the army on why they were killing armless and peaceful protesters. Another lady, Chibozor Levechi, who came to assist Anyanwu was also shot and is currently receiving medical attention”. Daily Trust, Friday 1, 2014.

In another quote by Premium Newspaper, Sheikh Zakzaky has recently said “Thirty – five members of our organization were murdered by the military. It was a peaceful procession but they shot at our members unprovoked. But in spite of the tragedy, we will remain peaceful.

Islam is a religion of peace. And we are organized, we are matured and nobody can provoke us into violence. We will never lose focus. Why should we be provoked? We don’t attack, we only talk about faith and what we stand for. We are a peaceful people and no one can accuse us of instigating violence”

In addition to the sampled commiseration, praises and calls for judicial redress by local and International organizations, such messages flow continuously to the Sheikh (H), most unusual father for the incredible restrain, sacrifice and reliance on Allah and the respected mother, Malama Zeenatuddeen, who demonstrated great faith, patience and perseverance over the most saddening event witnessed in our life!



The Islamic Human Rights Commission held vigil at the Nigerian High Commission in London protesting the killing of 35 members of the Islamic movement, in Nigeria by the military after the peaceful International Quds day protest on the 25th of July, 2014 at Zaria. The participants that comprised of male, female and children raised placards reading: Nigeria Stop Doing Israel’s Dirty Work; Nigeria In Cooperation With Israel; Prosecute The Murderers Of The Peaceful Protesters In Nigeria’ among others.

In a similar development, the British first and only Muslim in the parliament, Baroness Saeeda Warsi heaped pressure on the Prime Minister to take a harder line against Israel for its senseless action against Palestinians. She finally resigned her position over what she described as the government’s morally indefensible policy on Gaza. The labour leader, Ed Miliband, on the other hand said “the government needs to send a much clearer message to Israel that its action on Gaza are unacceptable and unjustifiable”, according to AFP.



Maulana Mufti Muhammad Rafi Uthmany, director of the Darul Uluum and a trustee of the country’s Arabic institutions in Karachi has led amrally of the Pakistani Sunni Muslim scholars in protest of the merciless murder of the members of the Islamic Movement by Nigerian military on Friday, 1st August in Karachi, Pakistan. They called on the Nigerian government and the international community to ensure justice is made on time.


 A Prominent organization ‘VOICE OF PALESTINE’ has in the strongest termscondemned the massacre of the peaceful protesters on the International Quds day by Nigerian military. They described the day as that of the oppressed Palestinians who are diverse in nature calling for justice on the murderers of innocent sympathizers. They sent their deepest condolence to all the families that lost their loved ones especially the leader of the Islamic movement, Sheikh Zakzaky who lost three of his sons.


The Ahlul-bait Foundation in South Africa has totally condemned the military massacre of defenseless and peaceful Quds day protesters in Zaria, Nigeria. A statement by its National coordinator, Syed Aftab Haider made available to the press on the 26th day of July read “Ahlul-bait foundation of South Africa condemns in strongest terms the brutal attack and aggression by Nigerian security forces on peaceful demonstration of Al – Quds day in Zaria, Nigeria. The Foundation finally condoled with the sheikh Zakzaky, leader of the movement and the entire family members of the martyrs.


The Iranian government has condemned the murder of peaceful protesters on the 25th July, by military in Zaria. A statement by its foreign ministry spokeswoman, Marzieh Afkham read “The Islamic Republic of Iran regards the armed attack on the Quds day rallies in Zaria in Nigeria as unacceptable and totally inhuman”. She further said “pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Nigeria had been mercilessly targeted just like the defenseless residents of the Gaza strip which has been the scene of the bloody Israeli offensive over the past 20 days”. The statement finally called for prosecution of those responsible for the murder of the peaceful protesters.


The Ahlul – bait world assembly of Sydney sent its heartfelt sympathy signed by its secretary Syed Hadi Sadeghi on 28th July, 2014, we were deeply saddened to hear the news about the criminal event that happened during the demonstration of the world day of Quds in Nigeria which caused the martyrdom of 33 followers of the Ahlul – bait including your three sons”.


The group responded to the instituted military inquiry. “We are also of the view that since the army is one of the parties to the conflict and serious allegations have been made against some of its officers, they cannot be then investigator and Judge in their own cause”. The group, headed by Barrister Festus Okoye, concluded that only a transparent judicial process will assuage the feelings of all, adding that present inquiry being conducted by the defense headquarters will not instill confidence in the parties involved.


In its letter dated 26th July, 2014 signed by its General Secretary, Muhammad Hasan Akhtary states “the news of the death of your children together with some people who offered their lives for the sake of Allah and for the support of the Palestinian course in a peaceful procession answering the call of late Imam Khomeini (Qs) and Imam Khamne’i has reached us in deep sorrow and anguish”. The statement concluded: “we call on Nigerian government to arrest those responsible for the aggression and prosecute them according to law in order to console the families of the martyrs as well as the general public”.



The Amnesty’s report on the Zaria killings said “the heavy – handed behavior of the military also caused shock waves in Kaduna state in July. Twelve people from a mostly Shia sect led by Sheikh Zakzaky appear to have been killed in custody by Nigerian military. They were arrested after taking part in an apparently peaceful protest, in which 21 other protesters including two children were also killed after the military opened fire on them”. In response, the military spokesman Gen. Olukolade, in a statement said in addition to its Joint Investigation Team, they have set up a committee “of senior officers, legal and forensic experts to study the video footage and the resultant allegations of infractions in order to ascertain the veracity of the claims with a view to identifying those behind such acts”. However, it is unscientific and unacceptable to be an investigator and judge at a time.

For more on the general activities of the Islamic movement including the murderous video footage, visit the official website of the Islamicmovement or @


Same information is easily accessible from The Pointer Express and Al-mizan, the bi – weekly and weekly papers of the Islamic movement.


The Islamic movement appreciates the sympathetic concern of numerous countries, Islamic organizations, Christian Association of Nigeria, other Christian groups, Kaduna and Katsina states governments, civil liberties organizations, human rights groups, Journalists, prominent individuals and the general public at local and International levels over the loss of its sons and daughters beside over sixty that sustained various degrees of injury.


 The Nigerian government must know and take necessary measures to ensure justice at the right time as justice delayed is justice denied. And injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, to visit the popular words of Martin Luther King.

 Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah!