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ZARIA MASSACRE : An Unprecedented Despotism in Nigerian Pages of History (II)

By Abdullahi Isa Wasagu
In reality, the sovereign powers aimed to suppress the Islamic resurgence and prevent the current wave of Islamic awakening taking place in Nigeria and its neighbouring countries. For them to do that, they must have joined hand with irresponsible and despotic Nigerian rulers to execute their dreams. 

For over 35 years, since the advent of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, these World Mongers are always trying their best in any means, hook or crooked to crush the stable movement.

Meanwhile, each time an attempt is made against the Movement by the successive corrupt current and previous Government, the revered leader used to debunk the conspiracy and latter turns out into an advantage. The mass popularity and influx in to the Movement after the brutal attacks of the Abacha Junta and the previous extermination of lives of 36 members of the Movement, among which include 3 biological sons of the revered leader during the annual peaceful Qudus Day procession attested to this.

All these are being done under the watchful eyes of the World arrogant powers spearheaded by America and the illegal and apartheid Israel

follow this trend with keen interest. They will have access to our black gold almost free, if an only if, they are successful in sponsoring and executing their devilish long term plan agenda. But they are quite afraid that their oppressive interests are highly at stake, and is impracticable as long as the wave of Islamic awakening is flying under the spiritual leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.


In a move to cover their crime against the humanity and at the same time, an attempt to fool the hearing ears of fellow Nigerians,  the

blood thirsty military through its spokesman, Usman Kuka Sheka, biased with the Media outlets on a based cock and bull story-line that, the convoy of L.t Gen. Yusuf Burutai -the chief of Army Staff- was attacked by Muslim brothers and sisters using arms; that the Chief and

his convoy narrowly escaped from the attack of thugs of the movement.

While in reality, the armless Muslims gathered for a flag changing ceremony at the Husainiyyah for the fall of the month of Rabi’ul


For the fast 36 years of its activities, the Movement had never even for an attempt resorted to arms or attack anybody, be it Solders,

Police, individual or group. As a matter of fact, the Movement does not need it, as it has been re-echoed several times by leader of the


In another dubious report deliberately manufactured to to convince the hearing ears of the masses in the same vain is, a flimsy and fishy

report of CLASH between brothers and Nigerian Solders. They purported a video that is already pre-planned and set on record when brothers and sisters are voicing out: "Ya Allah,  Ya Rasulullah, Ya Ali, Ya Mahdiy,  Ya Zaharah" , in an attempt and struggle to defend or to see that they escaped from the sudden spate of assail on them.

Nevertheless, they have already arranged with Media outlets on a biassed report, where they keep showing the excerpt of the purported

and fabricated video and headline that, that the CLASH between the Shi’ites sects and Nigeria Army was as a result of barricade by the

Shi’ites sects, where no choice and way out left by the Chief of Army Staff’s convoy than to defend the Army Chief (COAS) who narrowly

escaped. But the other side, the Media have neglected the unfortunate killings of hundreds of the Shi’ites sects(as they declared) for the

masses to logically judge.

To chip in questions by a right thinking person. If at Husainiyyah road was blocked by some violent or angry mob of the Movement as you

fabricated, does that stands as a plausible excuse and reason to attack the owned residence of leader of the Movement? Does road

blocked at his residence? What are the logical reasons of attacking other brothers and sisters at Darur Rahnah(a memorial tomb of

martyrs)? What are the reasons of demolishing the structures? What are the reasons of demolishing the Mosque in it? Does the angry mobs (as fabricated and claimed) blocked the road passing by Chief if Army Staff?

The notorious demolition of memorial tomb of the maternal mother of the revered leader of the Movement and Fudiyyah Islamic Center are all seemingly to be the sound reasons behind putting them down end entombed the graves of the biological mother, Aunt and three paternal sons of the Sheikh?

We strongly believed that this is a conspired atrocity. Not only Nigeria, but also over 20 countries of the World have compassionately staged peaceful processions in solidarity of the sudden and unfortunate intimidation and tribulation that befell brothers in Zaria city. Pakistan in particular, over 25 cities including the Federal territory. Have they repelled with even shooting teargas or they were

fired by their armed forces?

Right at the time of this atrocity, they stormed centre of brothers and sisters at Jos(Markaz). Military armed forces were deployed with

Helixes and armored tanks ready on command. Residents heard one of the troops saying: "We have come to carry out a  petty operation."

Brothers and sisters in Kaduna similarly came out in concurrent to the inrush of members of the Movement throughout the 25 cities of the

Country, to express their disagreement over the Zaria barbaric attack. 

Right at T/Nupawa area, the outskirt of centre for brothers and sisters(Markaz), armed Police officers indiscriminately open fire on

brothers and sisters. Three (3) were instantly martyred. Many were left fatal injury. Those that were injured apprehended and remained in

custody of the state C.I.D. More so, many uninjured brothers were illegally apprehended and remain in Police custody up till as at the

time of writing this article. Some of the detainees, were later mercilessly mutilated with a knife and get martyred. The remaining

others were severely tortured in the state C.I.D. before they were being evacuated to Kaduna convict Prison.

My question here is, all these scores of tortured, intimidation, harassment, and tyranny is liked with barricading the Chief of Army


We therefore seek for Almighty’s revenge over these totally horrible and callous operations on defenceless and law abiding citizens.

To be continued.

#God Protect Zakzaky(H).

For: Internet Forum of the Islamic Movement.