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ZARIA MASSACRE : An Unprecedented Despotism in Nigerian Pages of History (I)

Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Compassionate. Peace and immeasurable blessings of Almighty Allah be with His the most Beloved Prophet, Mustapha Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his pure progeny. 

Along side, the undisguised, faithful companions of the Holy Prophet who stood tooth and nail in restoring the dignity of this religion(Islam), that of the Holy Prophet couple with members of his household.

At fist, I would like to extend my message of condolence to our revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria,  his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub El-Zakzaky(H) over the recent, really unprecedented tragic assail to the base of theIslamic Movement(Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Darur Rahamah and the Sheikh’s resident located at Gyallesu area, Zaria, Nigeria. The unforgettable onslaught where scores of lives were deliberately killed in cold blood. My condolence also to bereaved families of the deceased. More so, I pray for quick recovery of the injured ones on medical attention. We pray that may Allah give them tolerance and fortitude to bear for the irreparable loss.

Certainly, Almighty Allah had honoured and blessed man on earth upon all other creatures in the atmosphere. Almighty Allah has bestowed man on earth with logical brain to accurately discernment between the good  and bad when it comes to faith and treatment of living creatures.

He(The Compassionate) has prohibited the shedding of blood for no cause of every living creatures, irrespective of race, indigenous

upbringing or religion. There is an injunction on how to even slaughter the provided Animals He has enjoined man on his selective needs, talk less of deliberately shed blood of thousands of His faithful believers for no cause. Certainly, whoever shed blood of every living creature (faithful servant of God) or even disbelieved servant of God, should stand a position to face the wrath of God here and the hereafter.

My write-up will be emphasized on the recent black moment in history, and genocide of faithful members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria; subsequent arrest of the injured leader of the Movement, his eminence Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky(H); arrest of hundreds of injured and uninjured followers of the movement; notorious demolition of houses and awe-inspiring edifices of the movement; exhume of tomb of martyrs perpetrated by pro-Israeli Nigerian army under the mandate of the state Governor and the despotic political president; the propaganda, cock and bull story(or news) instilled into the heart of fellow Nigerians by the army in order to cover up their uncoverable and scandalous crime against humanity.

The abovementioned crimes in Nigeria could be link with fear and perceived treat as a menace, regarding the Iran model of Islamic

movement in late 40’s to 70’s instituted and led by late Ayatullah Imam Khumain(Q.S), which eventually succeeded in overthrowing the

Shah’s tyrannical administration.


Nigeria, is a political Nation, a Nation where each and every individual of its citizens has a right to religious choice. Even if paganism is happened to be the selective choice of a citizen, he or she has the right to do so, according to the constitutional right and privilege. But unfortunately, opposite is the case, where instead, is a Nation base on creation of British Imperialism. On the other side, a resourced Nation, possess vast resources (human, oil, gas and solid minerals) needed by the World Mongers and sovereign powers. Majority

of its population are Muslims with high spirited and promising minor Muslims, disciples of leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Zakzaky, coupled with this, there is the general Islamic awakening sweeping across Middle East and North Africa. This movement in Nigeria enjoys widespread, balanced and loyal follower ship that is ever ready to act with a unity of purpose. It was able to keep to its aims and objectives. It targets the peoples’ faculty of reasoning backed by sound Islamic knowledge. It is rapidly becoming a formidable, articulated and consistent mass Movement with a very high potential, of a full pledged revolutionary force to replace the existing chaotic order in Nigeria.

All right thinking Nigerian can clearly see the reason behind the continuous effort of successive Nigerian tyrannical rulers to drive away people from the Movement, by a series of endeavours for years,  to trample the movement through various means: Smear-campaign,

character assassination, raising sectarian bigotry, backing and sponsoring thugs to attack members(as witnessed during the recent Ashura mourning trek to various Majalis of the mourning) and direct attacks from security operatives. The most common and recent one, as

remained known to all and sundry is that of the red-handed catch of the Government agents claimed as Boko Haram, targeting Kano Arba’een trekkers. After a manhunt, apprehended, probed and confessed theirb sinister ambition on the Movement.

The Islamic Movement in it’s over thirty years of existence has never resorted to arms, in fact it does not need them, as been re-echoed by the revered leader in many of his speeches. It is an intellectual Movement that reminds people in general and Muslims in particular about our basic obligations as human beings and as Muslims.

Before the recent callous massacre, which served as an attempt to crush the movement by exterminating the millions of its followers, First, they must eliminate the leadership of the Movement. Secondly, the ideology of the Movement, Islam, should be tarnished and be

associated with terrorism, as claimed by chief of army staff trying to justify their killings by bringing fought a fishy video, cock and bull

story-line being circulating in the media that he hardly escaped from the attack of members of the movement while on his way to pay a

courtesy call to the Emir of Zazzau. Thirdly, the Muslims should be isolated so that they do not influence other people. So they plan to

balkanize Nigeria along religious divides, an old term planned, also an old term slogan “DIVIDE AND RULE" Muslims in the North, Christians in the South”. In any way this is a fallacy because it is almost impossible to divide Nigeria along religious lines, as they assumed.


Base on the forgone, we strongly believed that the brutal attack at Husainiyyah by the blood thirsty Solders, was a sinister plan, and they have acted according to their mischievous steps.

On Saturday 01/03/1437 equivalent to 12/12/2015, at noon, armed Solders were seen in the precincts of Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria, when members of the movement are arriving at the sacred edifice to carry out the hoisting of flag at the doom of the Husainiyyah to usher in the new emerged month of Rabi’ul Auwal- the glorious birth month of the seal of Prophet-

This is an annual occasion where it has preciously carried out in the same spot with flow of every citizen neighbouring the the Husainiyyah, and under the supervision of the movement’s traffic warders. As members of the movement began to gather for witness of such event,

they suddenly seen the armed Solders deployed while some on the vehicles taking various positions and inspecting the structural premises and brothers and sisters. No sooner had the blood thirsty Solders besiege the building when they indiscriminately started firing on brothers and sisters, while some were blocked inside the building. The blocked all the ways leading to the Husainiyyah at the time of the execution of this barbaric crime. This attack led the death of number of hundreds of people that are yet to be specified. In spite of all these, they evacuated with innumerable dead and injured victims to an unknown destination.

To be continued.

For: Internet Forum of the Islamic Movement