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Zaria Massacre: A call for Justice

By S.I. Ahmad
In His name the Most High Peace be with those who follow the truth. We intends to pass an information about the truth of the incident that happened in Zaria between Nigerian Army and brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. 

The assault of the Nigerian Army on our brothers and sisters took place on 12th, 13th and 14th of December, 2015 in Zaria, Kaduna State.

We believed the incident was pre-planned and executed using the National Security Agencies that included Nigerian Army Forces (NAF) and Department of Security Services (DSS). The crackdown on armless citizens started at Husainiyya Bakiyyatullah Zaria around 12noon, but was extended to the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, his Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky’s residence at Gyellesu, Zaria, and a distance far away apart. As a result of the brutal attack by the Nigerian Army:

1. Additional three biological children of Shiakh Zakzaky were massacred 

2. Many tertiary institute students were brutally massacred and burried in mass graves while others are still under detention

3. 1000+ innocent citizens were brutally killed

4. 887 families were affected

5. Not less than 472 widows 

6. 100+ born to widows since the brutal killings

7. 191 are in prison custody

8. 68 of those in prison are students

9. 2 died in prison due to lack of medical attention 

10. Shaikh Zakzaky was shot several times 

11. His wife Zeenah Ibraheem was shot several times

12. His residence was burnt down by the Nigerian Army and completely destroyed

13. Ismamic Movement Centers were destroyed including the iconic Husainiyya Bakiyyatullah, largest in west Africa and symmetries 

14. 347 that included women and children were dumped in a single mass grave in Mando, outskirts of kaduna (According to Kaduna state Governor ,Nasir Elrufa’i)

15. Over 300 were hospitalized with various degree of injuries

16. 2 died in prison due to lack of medical attention 

17. Many were burnt to death 

The students that where killed or detained includes males and females students from different Universities, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics and Mono-technics of learning within and outside the Federation.


These promising young generations were but killed by the Nigerian Army at close range where over one thousand people died at spot and the injured were held captives in different Nigerian prisons (particularly in Kaduna), Army Detention Centers and DSS Detention Centers. Their crime was standing by their faith and belief in the truth, unity of people and standing with the oppressed. These youngsters believe in respect of humanity and the differences thereof, right of others in general, unity and mutual understanding between Muslims and Christians in the Federation. These points were proved by the perpetrators themselves for their failure to respect the court orders by not attending the court hearings on two consecutive occasions on the case. And the Movement’s attitude of resorting to the Nigerian Courts is a good evidence for its respect to law and orders of the Land, while the government and its Security Agencies proved themselves to be the law breakers.


#End_Zakzaky_Detention, #End_Zeenah_Detention, #End_Students_Detention 

S.I Ahmad