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Zaria: Civil Society Urges Army Chief to Resign

Access to Justice, a non-profit making organization has advised the Chief of Army Staff Gen. Burutai to step aside while investigation into how the military killed Shiite protesters was been conducted by the National Human Right Commission (NHRC).

Director A2J, Joseph Otteh said yesterday in a statement that it would   be difficult to conduct an investigation or hold officers responsible while the people who ordered and shot the Islamic Movement protesters are still in office.
“While we are not unmindful of the fact that Nigeria is engaged in a long-drawn out war with Boko Haram, we nevertheless think it will be more helpful if the federal government requests, or the Chief of Army Staff of his own volition, steps aside for the period of the investigation.
“This will create a better environment for a credible, more impartial, unimpeded investigation to take place and prevent, to some degree, interference or obstruction with it,” he said.
A2J also condemned the subsequent arrest and detention of the leader of the Islamic movement and his spouse and other members of the group.
These arrests, according to A 2J are further provocative, illegal and unconstitutional.