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Zaria 2015 Massacre: Call by Mrs Rosemary for Justice for the Victims

Barrister Mrs. Rosemary Edibo of the Human Rights and Advocacy Center calls for Justice of Victims of Zaria Massacre called for justice for the victims of the Zaria 2015 Massacre

She made the statement at Merit House, Abuja on Saturday the 16th of December 2023 during a programme organized by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to mark the 8th Anniversary of the Buhari massacre in Zaria.

Barrister Rosemary spoke on Women’s and Children’s Rights Violations during the Zaria massacre.

She started her lecture by giving a brief of what happened during the Zaria 2015 massacre by the Nigerian soldiers where over 1000 people were killed.

She stated that during the attack by the Nigerian soldiers on the defenseless people in Zaria, the military neither provided evidence to support the unwarranted attack nor evidence to de-escalate the situation.

Madam Rosemary added that even the police dissociated themselves from the mayhem.

She accused the military of using force instead of crowd control method. She further said that the military’s effort to cover evidence by burying bodies in mass graves is evidence that those involved must be brought to Justice.

She expressed that the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the Kaduna state government, on

January 26th, 2016, clearly called for the prosecution of the perpetrators.

She therefore called for justice for the victims of the Zaria Massacre whose rights were violated especially the women and children.





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