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Zahra Essay Competition: A car Winner emerged

By Muhammad Isah Ahmad
Aina’u Muhammad Surajo 
emerged winner of the Essay Competions on Sayyidah fatimah Az-Zahra which took place in Jimada thani 1435. The Competition, which was about bringing  20 Hadeeth of Sayyidah Fatimah (salamul lah aliaha),  was only for females outside the Islamic Movement. 

 Sisters Forum of the Islamic Movement who organsied the competition reserved a car for the Winner.

The Winner, Aina’u Muhammad, was presented with key of the car (mazda) by the special Guest Shaikh  Muhammad Turi on Saturday the 2nd of Shaban 1435 (31/5/14)  during a grand ceremony at Jumaat Mosque in Kano. Other six essay competitors that performed very well were also given various prizes.

In the same vain, winners of Imam Ali Maulid competition were presented with gifts. The youths had earlier organized Ameerul Mu’minin’s Maulid in different neighbourhoods of the city, towns and villages during the blessed month of Rajab. This year, the youths have tried reaching out to youths in different localities, helping the needy and towards community development projects, in other to extend the message of Ameerul Mu’minin (AS).

Gwammaja and Kazaure youths emerged winners of the Ameerul Mu’minin (AS) maulud competitions, with Naibawa and Kura youths as second;  and Kawo and Gumel zones been third.

The special guest of honour Shaikh Muhammad M Turi delivered a brief speech on the life of Ameerul Mu’minin who is worthy of emulation for whom if muslims hold steadfast shall not go astray.


Pictures by Muhammad Ahmad and Ibrahim Daurawa