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Zahra birthday: S Zakzaky clears miconception on her personality

By Khalid Isa
Sheikh Zakzaky congratulated Muslims on the auspicious birthday of Chief of Ladies, mother of  Pious Imams, Flesh of the Holy Prophet and  aasebah  of the Prohet(SAWA), through whom the Prophet’s progeny continue to exist.

Expounding the exalted rank of Sayyidah Zahra (SA), the Leader  said to every elevated rank before Allah is associated with trials, adding that Prophets were tested at various levels and at the end found deserving of such elevated ranks. He cited the trials of Prophet  Ibraheem(AS) of which he persevered, at the end of which he earned glorious names such as Khaleel, and the most noble rank he earned was that he was made an Imam.  Prophet Ayyub(AS), Sheikh Zakzaky added, also displayed high level of patience and perseverance in the face of many trials. His firm belief was unshakable when he lost everything, yet he remained thankful to Allah. As a result, all that he lost were returned back to him in manifold.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, the tribulations of Sayyidah Fatimah remained unknown through machinations of those who oppressed her. Her untold sufferings are many, yet deliberately kept in the dark. She had lived with her father all time in both Makka and Madina.

Not only that, he said, her reports and sayings were also deliberately hidden, saying it will be unacceptable to believe that Sayyidah Fatima, her children  and lovers did not report anything from the Holy Prophet.

Speaking on her auspicious birth, Sheikh Zakzaky narrated that her conception and birth were both special. Born Pure with glowing light emanating from her, Sayyidah Zahra’ eliminating radiance brightened Madina and other parts of the world. This is why she is called Az-Zahra.

Her mother is Khadijah. He cleared misconceptions regarding Sayyidah Khadijah’s marriage to the Prophet. Sunni reports says her age was 40 when she married the Prophet, and he was 25, and  that she married 3 different people prior to her marriage to the Prophet. Sheikh Zakzaky stressed that, these narration are unfounded and fabricated.

He further explained that in reality, her age when she got married to the holy Prophet was 24, while he was 25. “She neither married anyone before, nor inherited wealth from them”, he said.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that, Allah is His wisdom had prepared Sayydah Khadijah for the Prophet, adding that there were reports that she used to dream of him at various instances before she saw him. “All contradictory reports regarding Khadijah and her marriage should best be thrown away”, he said.

Prior to the conception and subsequent birth of Fatimah Az-Zahra, the Leader said, she was a gift to the Prophet when the Quraysh ridiculed him that his male died, which they thought the Prophet’s descendant will cease. “Thus, Allah gave him Fatimah as Surah Kauthar revealed, to appease the Prophet and comfort him”.

Among her virtues, he further explained, is that through her the Prophet’s progeny will continue to exist till the end of time.  According to him, since she is the best among ladies, her marriage was conducted in the heaven.

Fatimah is an embodiment of sincerity, devotion to prayers, assisting the poor and neighbors.

Her teachings are covered up by those who usurped property and oppressed her, out of fear that their evil deeds will be exposed.