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Zahra Birthday: Highlights of S. Zakzaky’s speech on Day 1

By K. Isa
In his introductory speech the Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky expressed that ‘It is unanimously agreed that Fatimah Az-Zahra is the Best of Ladies and pinnacle of creations- position even her opponents could not deny’.

The Sheikh said this when giving lecture on her birthday on Friday the 18ht of J/Thani 1435 (18/4/14) at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria.

There were attempts, especially during the reign of Umayyad to fabricate and attribute the divine status of  Ahlul Bayt to some people that did not deserve them, without success. 

For example, story of devotion of one who finished the Qur’an in two unit’s prayer in one night!!!  Attributing bravery to those who actually ran away during battles as testified in history books is another example.  All these are attempts to cover the lofty and special status of Ahlul Bayt.  Where it is not possible to cover the status, they   unduly shared such status among them.  Sayyidah’s lofty status are many, but it suffices that she is  the mother of the Infallible Imams.  

She is the daughter of the Prophet.

Who angers invokes Allah’s wrath.

Her consent is the consent of Allah.

Allah consents with Fatimah’s consent.

Her father is best of creatures.

In view of the above, the Leader called the birthday of Sayyidah Fatimah as the International Women’s Day for her virtues and for being the model.

After the sunset prayers, Sheikh Zakzkay further spoke on the lofty position of Sayyidah Zahra in the sight of Allah citing sources in Sunni reports.  Some of the reports described them as proof of Allah; the Gate of Allah pleasure; they are the guides of the Ummah .

Another sayings described them the Prophet as the  sun, Imam Ali as the  moon (Ali), and star Zahra as Fatima and Farqadani as Hasan and Husain(alaihimus salam). They are the right path which Muslims supplicate in prayers in Surah Fatihah.  Sheikh Zakzaky also enumerated verses and Ahadith that explained the exalted status of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) from Sunni sources. Above all, he explained that the fragment of the light of the Holy Prophet was used to create the Arsh(Throne). From the fragment of light Ali (AS) angels were created and therefore his personality supersedes the status of the angels. The light of Fatimah (AS) supersedes the world and the celestial bodies.  The Sun and Moon were created from the light of Hasan and Husain(AS).

At the end of the lengthy lecture Sheikh Zakzaky recited Ziyara and closing prayer.