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You Used Brute Force To Arrest, Detain Us; Now Use The Same And Do Your Worse! – Sheikh Zakzaky

Reacting to the attempt to serve him court summon in the case in which the Kaduna state governor, Nasiru El-rufai, charged him and three others to court on the spurious charges including that of culpable homicide punishable by death, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has said that they were not charged to court and sentenced before the army used brute force to massacre people.

He observed that the army used brute force without obtaining any court orders. “Therefore, they should similarly use force of guns to take us to court.”

The Sheikh defiantly insisted that there was no need for the courts this time around as well.

Meanwhile, the wife of the Sheikh said they killed her six sons all together and she saw no reason to fear death. She urged them to go ahead and complete the contract they took.

Malama Zeenah is the second accused person in the said case instituted by the Kaduna state government against her husband, herself and two others.

Below is the translated transcript and video of the Sheikh’s explanation, with English subtitled video:

“When they opened fire on us, it was not on the orders of any law court. They only brutally attacked us. Why now go to court seeking for death sentence for us? Why don’t they similarly simply open fire with their guns? What is left?”

I told him (court Registrar), ‘if you are a part of the problems, know that you are all inconsequential!’ Since it was with brute force of guns you arrested and detain us, now too, use the same and do your worst!”

It was at that point, Madam (Malama Zeenah) added her voice as she said, ‘what are you waiting for? Complete your contract. My six sons were murdered! What will I be living for?’”