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Yariman Zazzau, Nda Isaiah, Bazullah Condole S. Zakzaky + Pictures

yariman zazzauBy K. Isa
The Yarima of Zazzau District Head of Hanwa, Alhaji Manniru Jafar, Sam Nda Isaiah and  Sheikh Bazullah Kabara, among others, paid condolence visit to Sheikh Zakzaky in his resident over the brutal killing of his 3 sons and tenths of his disciples by Nigerian soldiers.

 He paid the visit on Wednesday the 31 of July 2014. In the same vain, the Chairman of Leadership Newspaper Sam Nda Isaiah also paid similar visit to the Sheikh. Mr Nda, who was accompanied by newsmen, described the incident as a National Tragedy. He commended the leadership attitude of sheikh towards the incident as exemplary.

He further said this event is a challenge to Government stressing that they will never keep quite on it due to its dangerous nature.

In his response Sheikh Zakzaky  thanke the Chairman for his concern and condolence, he further narrated how a special force that were sent to execute the murder took his children well and alive and later killed them in cold blood after torture. He lamented how people are taken alive and tortured to death.

He called on the media to be using right and good language during reports as some of them reported the incidence as "clash".  “How do you call this clash when people are passing and they just opened fire on them, where is the clash here?”

He explained further that Lt Col S. O. Oko has killed many people wtih his own hand and he was the one who killed the elder son of the Sheikh.

 He further said the issue of Quds Protest is not religious; it is commemorated  by people on conscience. He said it is celebrated worldwide by Muslims, Christians  and even Jews who don’t agree with occupation and with what Israel is doing.

Others who paid condolence visit to Sheikh Zakzaky include the Chief Imam of Zaria City, the  Salankin Zazzau Dr. Bello, the Durbi of Zazzau, the district Head of Gyallesu, and the District Head of Udawa and his entourage, among others

Sheikh Bazullah Nasir Kabara also paid condolence visit to Sheikh Zakzaky. He described the incidence as enemity towards lovers and promoters religious and human values. He said Muslims have now become preys for enemies with daily killings and bombings. He described the path trade by Sheikh Zakzaky as the path troden by the Prophet(SA) and his household(AS). He further said what happened to Sheikh only happened to those who championed the path of Allah like the Prophets and Ahlulbayt(AS); adding that Ahlulbayt suffered similar fate of killings since the demise of the Prophet(SAWA). He explained that holding the the path of Allah is synonymous to holding a burning charcoal.

Sheikh Bazullah prayed for the souls of deceased.

 The Sheikh expressed his gratitude to them for the visit.