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World Federation Shia Khoja Expresses condolence

shia khoja

The World Federation of Shia Khoja Ithna Asheri has symphasised with Sheikh Zakzaky in a condolence letter they sent on 28th of July 2014 as signed by its President Dr Asgharali Moledina.

They write " It is with great sadness that I have learnt of the death of your children Mahmud, Ahmad  and Hameed whilst taking part in a peaceful procession on Quds Day on 25 July 2014 in  Zaria, Kaduna state. On behalf of The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri  Muslim Community, please accept our condolences and we pray to Allah swt to grant all  three of them, a high station in Janna within the vicinity of Ahlulbayt (A.S.). Insha’Allah"

the letter further consoled the Sheikh in the following words "  This must be a very difficult time for you to accept that Marhum Mahmud, Ahmad and  Hameed who were in the prime of their lives were taken away from you and your family.

I can recall no such tragic event in the recent history in the life of any person except going back 1400 years back to the great sacrifice on the plains of Kerbela by IMAM HUSAYN (A.S.) for the sole reason of saving the true Islam. I can only hope and pray that remembering the gallant sacrifices of IMAM HUSAYN (A.S.) in Kerbela can give you  and your family some comfort."

"As for your dear son, Ali who has been seriously injured in this tragic and senseless incident and who witnessed the merciless and brutal killing of his three siblings and others, we pray for his quick recovery. We can understand that it will be extremely difficult for Ali to erase his memory of this inhuman act and we will continue to demand justice from the authorities.

 Your Marhum sons gave their lives for a justified cause as the Quds Day enacted many decades ago holds true today as we see once again the destruction of a million plus strong community enslaved in a small trip of land whilst the wider world remains silent. Imam Ali (as) in his last will has said: Proclaim the truth; work for the next world.  Oppose the oppressor and support the oppressed. (Nahj al Balagah Letter no 47). "