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Why we established Fudiyyah schools – Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

By Ibrahim Usman
Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky says, the Fudiyyah schools under the stable of the Islamic Movement were established out of total disenchantment with the government’s handling of education system.

He made the statement at the march pass by Fudiyyah school pupils as part of the on-going Maulud Nabiy celebration, which took place at Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on Wednesday.
He explained that, the dilapidating education in Nigeria called for individual and collective effort to ensure pupils are properly educated without undue interference.
Sheikh Zakzaky further explained that, though the Fudiyyah schools have not reached the desired standard, the objective and focus of the system has some degree of sanity and foresight.
“Contrary to the current Nigerian education system, ours is based on high sense of morality and complete servitude to the Creator without slight inclination to any worldly gain. We envisage an education system that will nurture pupils to become good servants of Allah”, he added.
He lamented the high rate of corruption by Nigerian leaders which he said, has eaten deep into all facets of the society. “These people do not care what happens to the citizens, as long as they can siphon the country’s wealth for their own benefit”.
The Leader advised pupils to concentrate more on how to attain a certain appreciable level in their studies rather than what they will become in life. “I am not saying it is wrong to think of what you want to be in future, but it is more important to first concentrate on your studies as the initial stage”, he further explained.
His Eminence further stated that, while other countries were making effort to ensure quality education to citizens and job creation on completion, Nigerian leaders focused more on wealth accumulation. “They have completely commercialized education, where certificates are for sale. This is why certificates of education are reduced to mere meal tickets”.
To worsen the situation, he said, they are now killing the students in the most horrific manner ever witnessed. “After destroying the education system through corrupt practices, they have now turned to bombing the schools structures and the students. It is a glaring fact that the same government that has destroyed the education systems is now killing the students as well”.
Sheikh Zakzaky also advised parents to ensure proper education of their children as a religious obligation saying, “education is the only everlasting asset that parents can bequeath to their children”.
He urged members to make supreme sacrifice towards ensuring proper funding and running of Fudiyyah schools, so that they become model.