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Why the Zaria Massacre?

By Dauda Nalado 
The Zaria massacre is a combined allied effort by the world axis of evil in order to eliminate any "threat" to their monstrous hegemony. They connived internally with beastly doll Buhari and his clique to perpetrate same.

They worship the Devil. They do not perceive anything beyond the mundane periscope. They fight those who want the Worship of God to be Supreme. This axis of evil consist of:
The apartheid Zionists who usurped Palestinian lands and are ever ready to crack down on any Palestinian sympathizer. El-Zakzaky is known for his solidarity to the Palestinian struggle. He has to face the wrath of the cursed descendants of Apes. The second axis is the arrogant Imperial powers consisting principally of USA, UK, France. They are stakeholders in the neo colonial Nigeria venture for hydrocarbon and precious mineral resources. They plan, coordinate and execute false flag terror activities using the name of Islam in disguise in order that demonize it.

They breed insecurity in our lands and come back with mischievous rescue mission for the same. El Zakzaky is the only personality that dared expose them. So they aimed to eliminate him. The third axis is the Wahhabi front led by Saudi Arabia. It is the official Islam of imperialists. They misused the petro dollars in the spread of hate speech against Shia or anything Iranian. They are major sponsors of global terror activities. They see El Zakzaky as the alpha and omega of Shiism not only in Nigeria but in Africa at large. They see him as the link man for Iranian influence. For those reasons they see it as mandatory for them to eliminate him. The fourth axis of evil is tyrant Buhari and his clique. They have power and are desperate not to relinquish it. However they do not have influence. El Zakzaky has the influence of the people and his influence is astoundingly growing. They fear that with this unique influence certainly he will get the power. So they act extra judiciously in order to eliminate him. In all the calculations and permutations of the axis of evil they forget or ignore the existence of the Almighty Allah. They ignore the fact that God is the best planner.
They should know that the promise of Allah will definitely be actualized. HE will give victory to the oppressed El-Zakzaky. The land will be inherited by the pious. The axis of evil will never succeed in their evil machinations and they will never prosper El-Zakzaky must be freed now.


12-15 dec 2015 zaria massacre

12-15 dec 2015 zaria massacre