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Why can’t Elrufai pay IMN to stop being ‘insurgents’?

By Pastor James
El-Rufai has officially gone mad! He is paying Fulani terrorists to stop killing Christians, while he labels a religious organization that has not carried arms against the state or fellow Nigerians "insurgents". Why not pay the Shiite IMN money too to stop being "insurgents"? Oh, wait! it is because the IMN are not deadly and bloodthirsty. It is impossible for any government, power, tyrant, or force to eliminate a population. 

The Shiite Muslims are a population on earth. They are found everywhere on earth. there is no way therefore (in this time and age) their influence cannot spread to Nigeria and Nigerian citizens can stop being Shia no matter the numbers. El-Rufai is fighting a lost war and even further aggravating the situation instead of calming things and working out solutions for these guys to do what he wants and how he wants through peaceful means.

From the reversed psychology and preemptive reasoning of holding Zakzaky responsible for any actions of his followers based on the release, one can see El-Rufai is tormented and having a guilty conscience, if he still has a conscience.