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Who’s denying Sheikh Zakzaky freedom?

It is exactly 1140 days since when Buhari administration incarcerated our Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky, for whom we have come out today demanding his unconditional release from illegal detention. We will not rest on our oars until and unless we achieve our aim, or we become martyrs in the path of Allah.

Also today, 791 days ago, a competent Abuja high court in its ruling ordered that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife should be released with a N50M compensation be given to them because the government has denied them their fundamental human right, but Buhari’s government contemptuously flouted that landmark court order. This notwithstanding, whenever we come out exercising our constitutional right to protest their illegality, security agents are sent on a mission to annihilate us, as can be seen from what happened to us in some cities. At times we are also being falsely accused of smashing public utilities and vehicles. The security agents do even go to the extent of falsely accusing us of attempt to attack them with dangerous weapons. Their latest false accusation against us is that they have uncovered our plan to stop the general elections coming up next month.

However it is common knowledge that in the aftermath of Zaria genocide by the Army in December, 2015, highly placed individuals and well known human right groups and some religious organisations have come out to voice their concerned over the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and denouncing the inhuman treatment the Sheikh and his followers have suffered in the hands of the security agents. Against all these calls and demands, Buhari has turned deaf ears, striving hard to pose as if nothing has happened to our Leader in Zaria.

Nonetheless an important question that begs for answers is who is afraid of Sheikh Zakzaky’s freedom? This pious Muhsin, who is steadfast in enjoining the good and forbidding evil, is the one whose children were murdered before his eyes, 1000+ of his followers killed trying to give him protection, his residence bombed, burnt and razed to the ground, many of his other landed properties destroyed and denied access to better medical facilities since that premeditated vicious attack. He is the only Sheikh, who in the forty years history of his da’awa has always been the victim of attacks and has never stage a reprisal attack on anybody. He and his followers are always the oppressed not the oppressors!

Since this is the case, it is a clear testimony that the evil merchants of death in this administration are the ones afraid of witnessing the release of Sheikh Zakzaky from detention. They are the ones that have masterminded the current infamous and inglorious trial of Sheikh Zakzaky in a Kaduna high court, trying to perpetrate his continued detention. We however wish to sound to them a word of caution, Allah the Almighty has declared in his holy book the Qur’an that, He abhors the transgressors, and only the pious have the last laugh. In other words only the righteous enjoy a good ending.

Lastly we wish to reaffirm our resolve to keep on demanding for our right and the freedom of our Leader and others still in detention in all possible ways we have been adopting in all these years of the da’awa to the path of Allah under the able leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky. No any intimidation, false accusation and assault will make us derail from this noble righteous path. We will keep on invoking the wrath of Allah upon all those tyrants that viciously persecute us since December, 2015.

Peace be upon the followers of the right path.