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Who is Afraid of Sheikh Zakzaky’s Freedom?

By Mahdi Garba
Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is a Nigerian Islamic scholar of high repute, also the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria. To those who have eschewed sentiment and listen to the Sheikh’s lectures or attended his preaching sessions will never debate on the Sheikh’s honesty, uprightness, rectitude, decency, unity and eloquence.

Mahdi: In him, over 10 million Nigerians, ranging from elites to masses sees all the fit of a leader. The bold steps taken by him after the killings of his 34 followers including his 3 undergraduate sons and the pace adopted by his disciples after killing over 700 of his followers (including his 3 sons again) defined who Sheikh Zakzaky is and his peaceful movement.

Mournfully, on 12th December, 2015 the Nigerian military under the command of their COAS attacked the headquarters of Islamic movement popularly known as Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah, Zaria killing, maiming and destroying the building. After the attack that left many killed, the same military on a killing spree drive to the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky in Gyellesu, a journey of about 4 kilometers from the


In the aftermath, the evidence of the military’s atrocities had gone viral on  Social media. National dailies had been prompt in reporting

any unfolding events regarding the Zaria pogrom.

To make a long story short, I’ll say that every Nigerian knows Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is under detention, incummunicado since last December and no human can refute the gross violation of human rights that took place in Zaria by the Nigerian military.

With dismay I read a news item titled ‘ Prosecute El-Zakzaky, group urges FG’ published 20th February, 2016 by the Daily Trust Newspaper.

To the populace the so-called ‘Nigerian Muslim Women’ forum might look like a woman rights group but to the members of the Islamic movement it looks more like a coalition of those afraid of Sheikh Zakzaky’s freedom. Once bitten twice shy.

In the history of Nigeria or Kano were the counterfeit protest took place by bogus activists, what are works of the Nigerian Muslim Women?

Who are they? What is their mission and vision as well? When was the group given birth? Who are it members and their traces in the human rights struggle?

Fiction can never prevail on reality. If the so-called clerics are afraid of Sheikh Zakzaky’s freedom, they should voice it out through

the name of their organizations not disguising as women.