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Who Funds the IMN?

By A. Giwa
Of recent they have raised deliberate speculation in the public that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is being funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran just as the Wahabis are being funded by Saudi Arabia.

This speculation is intended to blackmail the IMN using the same blackmail they have used against the Islamic Iran and instigating a phobia against it.
Unlike America which has started war in more than eighty countries of the world, the Islamic Iran has never attacked any country in the last 250 years and when America sponsored Saddam to attack Iran nobody helped them throughout the eight-year war.
But due to gullibility people just give a negative glance to Iran because of the influence of America, Israel and the West in the way they see the world. They adopt the friends of America as their friends and the enemies of America as their enemies due to their level of neo-colonial mentality. If you ask why they hate Iran, it will be then that they will start looking for the reason.
More so, due to the political domination of America on Saudi Arabia, they give that hatred a religious notation that Iran is Shi’ite. This is where the Wahabis lean and even prefer to identify with America and Israel and even term it a religious duty.
It is based on this that even Saudi Arabia is funding terrorist groups like ISIL, and Daesh to enforce the Israeli and American interests while Muslims fall victims of the acts.
Here in Nigeria they are deliberately displaying Iran in bad light not because they have anything bad to show against it. If you ask them what is wrong with Iran they will tell you nothing.
Thus, since the Islamic Movement gets inspiration from Islamic Iran in its struggles and activities, they simply identified the Movement as being sponsored by Iran whereas they know it is not true. Because over the years they have worked seriously to identify any forms of funding through all possible means and have found none. But they still use that to blackmail the Movement because of the stigma they have created against Iran in the gullible-minded public.
They promote the idea as a way of turning the public against the Movement that it is an agent of their presumed enemy Iran. With the nature of materialism and level of greed, if they new there was money, they would be in the fore for it and would not be stigmatizing against it. But because they realize that the Movement is funded through individual contributions which their greed would not allow, they not only stay away they stigmatize and instigate phobia against it.
Hence, it is a mischievous and deliberate speculation that the Islamic Movement is being funded by Iran. They know its not true because there is no evidence of that what so ever. If they had any evidence they would have presented it years back.
On the other hand they cannot deny that they are being funded by Israel and Saudi Arabia to kill members of the Islamic Movement for them in their proxy war against Iran. Israel provides the intelligence and logistics, Saudi Arabia provides the funds and the Nigerian government and its Army execute the plan.
They cannot deny that Saudi Arabia is funding sectarianism in Nigeria through greedy and hungry scholars who propagate lies and calumny against the Islamic Movement and Shi’ism in particular.
Now that Nigeria is doing the Israeli dirty job of fighting what they call Iranian interest in Nigeria, the government is identifying with the Saudi brand of Wahabism and their scholars who interpret for them what Islam should be even as the Nigerian constitution permits freedom of association and worship.
The IMN chooses as a matter of policy not to accept funds from any source other than individual donations. It is believed that whosoever funds you would influence and use you for its interest even if you are at variance on that interest. The Movement has maintained its focus and dignity through the years by refusing to be funded by any nation or organization, moreover, the Qur’an says, “Strive with your wealth and your life in the way of Allah” how then could you sit and wait for funds from somewhere when you strive in the way of Allah?