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When an Arrogant Big Dude is Cheered by Some Schizoids

By Mahfuz Mundadu
I received a message through whatapp about an article that can best be described as an obsolete yet recycled instrument used in fighting Shia. It is a joint and joined product of an entity that at its best can hardly pass a test in mediocrity.

 The opening statement of the piece meant to preach and indeed promote violence against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and beyond, betrays the scale and scope, of the compound ignorance Sharifudeed Ibrahim Muhammad exudes. Hear him: “Whether the Nigerian military was right or wrong in repelling the Shia in the recent crisis was not a major concern to most Muslims”. 

If the author of such a piece is here referring to the incidence that started in Zaria between December 15 and 17, 2015, then his crude attempt in hoodwinking some gullible minds has proven to be a mission impossible. Zaria massacre as perpetrated by the Nigerian army is a humanitarian catastrophe that any human being with a drop of humanity and an iota of conscience should be concerned about.
But to an average Wahhabi schizoid the more gallons of innocent blood spilled, the better his chances of getting admitted in to a paradise that only exists in his fantasyland. What really happened that fateful day was carefully and painstakingly organized act of terror unleashed against unarmed and defenseless citizens of such a great nation entangled in a queer misfortune of having gangsters at the helm of its affairs.
It all started with false allegation against the members of the Islamic Movement that there was an attempt on the life of the Chief of Army Staff Tukur Yusuf Burutai. When such a fairytale could not be substantiated with evidence beyond “tumbuleqe’s” narratives, the Nigerian army shamelessly resorts to campaign of calumny through the circulation of a video clip that seeks to peddle a different narrative to the effect that Tukur Yusuf Burutai was denied right of way. For the benefit of doubt, let’s assumed that both allegations are true.
Nigeria is a nation with a constitution to which all citizens are expected to adhere to. If there was indeed an attempt on the life of Yusuf Tukur Burutai, the COAS knows but choose to ignore that he can not be a judge un to his own case. The right thing to do is to report the case to the police. It is the police and no any other individual or entity, public or private that is obliged or mandated to prosecute civil case. The police then may launch an investigation in to the matter. This may include amongst others, trying to establish whether a crime is indeed committed. If yes to whom and by who?
With these the police now heads to court after it might have apprehended the suspects. Up and until such a moment the suspects remain innocent. Thus, the burden of proof of the culpability of the suspect is on the police and it is not for the suspect to proof his innocence. The Judge will then listen to arguments against and in favour of the both sides. Where the Judge is convinced that a crime has been committed by the suspect, the Judge then pronounces the suspect guilty. At that point the suspect reserves the right to appeal.
Such a case may start at a magistrate court and move all the way to court of appeal and even supreme court. At the the supreme court not one, not two, not three but more Judges with combined experience of over a hundred years are the ones qualified to pass judgement after painstakingly listening to and reviewing all evidences brought before them.
Where the suspect lost out then, a punishment commensurate to such a crime will be pronounced or upheld. Where such punishment is death by whatever means, not the suspect , not the police, not even the judge but and entirely different institution will be the one to execute such a judgement. Even that not with out a death warrant to be signed by no other person but an executive governor of a State.
Before the governor signs such a death warrant he may seek the advised of some legal luminaries from the bench and the bar. It is only then and not before that such a guilty person will face the gallows. Yet in the case of Zaria massacre Tukur Yusuf Burutai played all these roles in one fell swoop. By the time the dust settled not fewer than 1000 innocent souls were sent to their “early” graves.
In his first and only media chat Muhammadu Buhari who was and still is the commander in chief of the armed forces gave his tacit approval to such a condemnable act of brigandage. This is a man that swears to upheld the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria where citizens are considered innocents till proven guilty in a competent law court.
Here is a commander in chief that commands an army that claimed to have defeated the must dreaded Boko Haram terrorists only for such a person to have approved hundred and sixty billion Naira to fight an insurgency he told us he has defeated. Simply put an average of one billion Naira shall be spent daily for the next one year to fight an “already defeated” insurgents. Such is a logic of general officer commanding “za aza room”.
What these heartless wahabbi locos might have probably anticipated is that by such a scale of violence launched against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria the members might be provoked in to armed struggled. They goofed. Big time. The Islamic Movement is about ideas, belief, faith and what not. You do not get your ideas, belief system or faith accepted through violence.
Violence in the name of faith or belief system is the exclusive reserved of blood thirsty whackos like the author of the piece in question and his ideological god father; an associate professor in mechatronic engineering who is yet to have a single invention that is commercially viable anywhere on the face of this planet. What else shall we expect from a person that managed to remain around but not within an academic community by simply being a master in the art of copying and pasting? When you fail to make an impact by copying and pasting and yet make a crude attempt to be a Mufti even as you struggle with “Qa’idatul Bagdaadiy” and “Bariy wa Biyba” there you have a guaranteed means of breading Draculas as faces of religion.
When you have a product of such a Professor that has Second Class Upper and yet could not explain not recite Ohm’s law you should know that I know what I am talking about on this intellectual fraud. I was privileged to be in an interview panel. Then came this student with an impressive grade yet the student seemed to be hearing about Ohm’s law for the first. All efforts to came to the rescue of the student was further proving more damaging. As a last resort I asked the student to explain the relationship between current, voltage and resistance. Boy, it was as if I was speaking Swahili. I have to give up. The employers of such a priggish chap may take note.
To further buttress the copy and paste phenomenon that bedevil our citadel of learning, Jibia lifted a folklore wholesale and present same to the unsuspecting minds as a product of his scholarly research on Shia. Jibia may agree that copying from one source without acknowledging the source is plagiarism, but to him research is copying from many sources even as you failed to accord credit to those that deserve it. To the true seeking minds that honestly want to know the true history of Shia I recommend two books that are very much available on the internet free of charge in a pdf format; 1) The Right Path 2) Peshawar Nights.
If there is any group that seeks to destroy Islam from within it surely is not Shia but Banu Umayya ably represented at the moment by the corrupt rulers of Saudi America best known for their unenviable role in acting as the hunting dogs of the criminal enterprise of Zionism. The recent so called “reform” championed by the so called crown prince is an eloquent testimony to this effect.
They falsely accused Sheikh Zakzaky of preaching lawlessness. Yet when such an unrivaled act only befitting to the wild beast was unleashed against him he headed to court. A court of the federal republic of Nigeria not that of the Islamic Movement. There he was pronounced innocent. Same court pronounced the federal government led by Muhammadu Buhari guilty. Yet up and until this moment Buhari is yet to obey this ruling.
The King Kong might have erroneously assumed and wrongly so, that might is right. If all you have is a hammer at hand, you tend to see all problems as nails. Particularly so when you are bare naked and empty upstairs. The Sheikh using the instrument of logic and common sense has beaten him blue and silly. There the mask of integrity and rule of law was pulled off. Events as they unfold are pointing to a singular fact that such an inept, clueless and heartless kooky can not and must not be entrusted with leadership role even “in za aza room”.
In the said piece the duo allege that there is nothing Islamic about the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Well anybody with a sense of history should not be bordered by such holier than though maniacal. We have been old enough and around to witness such few fools buying milk from the market and taking it to their mothers as a compensation for breastfeeding them. With the advent of Wahhabism they made a “shocking” discoveries that all Muslims except them are Kafirs. Some went further to buy a ram and take it to their parents urging for the parent’s wedding Fatiha to be conducted one more time, as the one conducted earlier was done by Tariqa Malams whom to them are kafirs.
Now that he has grown up and yet discovered that his parent’s marriage was invalid as it was officiated by Kafir…now that he is a product of such an invalid union. Who then is he? Shege! Bastard!! Right? So when next a Shia is called arne by this “gaye” please remember who is calling you that. A bastard!