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By Muhammad Darazo.
Different views and answers will be given to you when u try to inquire about the contemporary locus of Nigeria, but the compatible elucidation is that Nigeria is not well, even a primary school child can understand this. Why? In order to answer this question, one has to revert to history in order to ascertain the meaning of "Nigeria" and some concepts associated with Nigeria.

Heretofore and at present, no body has come with a convincing and meaningful interpretation of "Nigeria". Some said its from "Nigger", some said its from "Niger", while some said it was just pronounced and set as the country’s name. The clarification on this controversy is that "Nigeria" has no meaning. The name "Nigeria" was titled to a region in Africa presently called Nigeria. The name was initiated by the colonial masters of Britain. In 1903, the British colonial masters came and destroyed the Islamic System of Government established by Shehu Usman Danfodio and massacred a lot of people in some the main cities of the northern Nigeria and beyond, especially in Bormi and Lokoja. History recorded that a big pyramid of dead bodies was captured.

They went ahead to urinate on the holy Qur’an which was the system of Governance at that time. After the killing, the colonial masters partitioned the Islamic States standardised by Shehu Usman Danfodio in to different countries with laws and constitutions governing the countries, the constitution was not based to serve the interest of the people but the colonial masters. As time goes on, they felt that they have able and trained puppets that can carry out operations base on their need, so they withdraw from physical and direct colonisation to intellectual and indirect colonisation which we are still suffering. As time goes on, the puppets keeps changing style of operations from Emirs to politicians heretofore.

Nigerians kept on hoping and dreaming about "change" due to extreme hardship which keeps growing as present is worse than before. Therefore, they kept on changing leaders from corrupt to fantastically corrupt, they also witness some kind of changes from democracy to military, but all didn’t work. Nigerians set there last hope on a fantastically most corrupt person that doesn’t have respect to humanity. They tried several times to vote him as the President of the country, but didn’t succeed until 2015. After voting him in, Nigerians are now paying the price, the unfortunate scenario is that some people still see a spectre of hope in this old beast. It is clear to all that "Dan Adamu Mai Agwagwa" is serving the interest of his masters, thereby fooling Nigerians. When human being are being killed on daily basis either by the military, police, boko haram, official boko haram, "herdsmen", name it, the Presidency didn’t do much about it, but instead, they kept on fooling Nigerians that the "Change" is around the corner.

We are fully aware that in Zamfara state lies gold and many mineral resources, the Zionist which the puppets are serving want those mineral resources, so the puppets have to fool Nigerians and enhance insecurity in the area in order to steal the mineral resources and export out. The president and other puppets went and spent money and valuables in the name of providing safety to "cows" in Zamfara, when human being are starving to death due to hunger across the county. In order to bring a favourable and immense change to "Nigeria", we need sacrifice. "Change is not possible without sacrifice".

If you look in to history, you will realise that no society is rescued from oppression without sacrifice. Sacrifice here means a vast sacrifice, If we look in to the history of Karbala and the sacrifice of Hazrat Hussein (as), we will know that Islam survived because of the sacrifice of Hussein (as) and his companions. The revolution of Imam Khumain (QS) in Iran was through sacrifice of many kind. The recent failed coupe of Turkey was as a result of sacrifice from the people of Turkey, you can say more about this. In Nigeria, a call was initiated by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in 1970s.

He suffered many challenges and oppression time after time, from different oppressors, he was imprisoned many times, the most famous being Enugu (1981-1984), the notorious Interrogation Center of NSO, Lagos (1984-1985), Kiri-Kiri Maximum Security (1985), Port Harcout (1987-1989 and 1996-1997), Kaduna (1987 and 1997-1998) and currently under detention. For his call, he sacrificed almost all he had including 6 of his 7 sons, bullets rained on him, he is currently under detention after loosing an eye and struggling to save his only surviving eye.

Therefore, Nigeria need immolates, we should also know that the sacrifice of immolates will not only be honoured and cherished here in the world, but they will get the greatest reward here beyond. Even the grand children of immolates are honoured. We have to make sacrifices of any kind to save our future. Nigeria Will Be Saved Through Sacrifice. Zakzaky Will Succeed Through Sacrifice.

#FreeZakzaky #GodProtectZakzaky #OurBloodForZakzaky