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We demand the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky from the custody of Nigerian Military

We are all living witnesses to the recent brutal crackdown on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria at Zaria. This was planned under a blatant lie and a false flag of what was tagged as “attack on Chief of Army Staff”. 

They want people to believe that it was a “clash” using the mainstream propaganda media, especially the BBC and some local print media. The Army, unprovoked, opened fire on armless members of the Movement. They laid siege on Husainiyya, Darur Rahamah and Gyallesu, the residence of El- Zakzaky. Where was the so called clash? They really went on a premeditated killing spree shooting everybody at sight. They arrested Sheikh Zakzaky and whisked him away to a military camp. There is fear that he sustained gunshots and therefore needs immediate medical attention. Up to now there is no clear figure of those killed but there is no doubt that it runs into several hundreds. Similar figures were injured. A big crime to humanity is that the Army did not allow those injured to get even first aid medical attention, thus murdering them in cold blood, neither did they allow the burial of martyrs according to Islamic rites.

 If we may recall, the Nigerian Military committed a similar brutality last year killing 34 members of the Islamic Movement during the peaceful procession to express solidarity to the Palestinians. The atrocity is yet to be addressed. The Nigerian Military is an addict of the culture of impunity. So, if we may ask, why are all these atrocities targeted at the Islamic Movement under the revered guardianship of Allamah Ibraheem El- Zakzaky (H)? The clear answer is that the imperial powers who scramble for the control of our resources want to silence any voice of resistance and emancipation. The Nigerian Government has succumbed to the bidding of international sponsors of terrorism in order to silence the only prospective resistance voice in the whole of Africa. Alas! They will never succeed.

It has been attested nationally and internationally that Sheikh Zakzaky is an epitome of wisdom, knowledge, peace and justice. He has freedom of association and speech as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution. Members of the Islamic Movement also share the same rights. We condemn this barbaric action in a supposed democratic setup. We therefore demand, in unequivocal terms, the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky. Any further activity by the Army is extrajudicial. We also demand the immediate release of scores of members of the Movement who are under illegal military custody. Allah suffices us as our Defender.


Dauda Nalado

Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement