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First semester is about to finish in most universities in this country but hundreds of students are still in detention at various detention facilities.

The future of any society rest on it’s vibrant, peaceful and freedom-fighters youths, but I guess it is not same in my dear country Nigeria; where the president failed to obtain even a good secondary school result, the top military personnel who are ought to be brilliant and exceptional for they are to deal with defensive matters are mostly recruited with other people’s intelligence (as they mostly use other peoples results). But they are still in detention with exceptionally intelligent, inventors, problem solvers, freedom fighters and trustworthy youths on no reason whatsoever.

They ruined their past and are still ruining their present by trying to ruin the future of those who have well planned future and great strugglers of the change for the better Nigeria, Africa and the world in general.

Among them are Medical students, Engineering students, Computer technicians, Potential nurses, future barristers and in fact any aspect you can think of.

This is a war against humanity; beside killing and burning to ashes thousands of these potentialities who are struggling for better Nigeria in particular, great Africa and Peaceful planet in general.

They know it, that these detainees are the hope of Nigeria but they turn deep ears concerning their situation just as the president Buhari Adamu addressed some youths during the 25th convocation of FUT Minna, Niger State, that "I have hope in the youth because I see inventors; problem solvers and leaders that will one day make Nigeria greater than my government will make it."

We call on the Nigerian government to free these freedom fighters in order to attend their end of semester examination.

It should be recalled that on December 12th, 13th and 14th the Nigerian military led by their Chief of staff General Tukur Y Burutai launched a pitiless brutal massacre on the peaceful members of the Islamic Movement who were falsely accused of convoy blockage and attempt to assassinate the COAS. 1000+ were killed, 700+ were missing, considerate number of the IMN members were injured and several others are still in detention.

‪#‎No‬ to illegal detention of students
‪#‎Free‬ Sheikh Zakzaky (H)
‪#‎May‬ God protect Sheikh Zakzaky (H)

Najeeb Umar Maigatari