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In the name of Allah, the annihilator of tyrants and tyranny may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his pure progeny (AS). Recently the Nigerian government under Jonathan’s administration working for America and the illegal state of Israel have intensified their wicked attempts of killing the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). Where other so called leaders have kept mute for fear of their lives and remain humiliated, Sheikh Zakzaky has never failed to expose the evil machinations of the Nigerian government and has always identified with the plight of the people of Nigeria. The Boko haram phenomenon that is being implemented in killing innocent lives and ridiculing Islam  is an example of how Sheikh has exposed the Nigerian government is acting as an agent of the America for establishing a base to steal the abundant wealth established to be laying in the  Eastern part of the country.

The call of Sheikh Zakzaky is on Muslims to implement the teachings of Islam in totality as practised by the Prophet and his pure house hold. Similarly Sheikh has been at the fore front of speaking and fighting injustice that has since become the order of the day in Nigeria. This stand has caused Sheikh Zakzaky’s persecution from present and successive administrations; the most recent is the killing of his 3 undergraduate sons and 31 of his disciples during International Qud’s celebration. Similarly, 29 of his followers were murdered in Postikum by throwing bomb and opening fire on them in broad day light by the Nigerian soldiers. What is the crime of Sheikh Zakzaky to deserve all these?

The history of mankind has shown that all Prophets of Allah and righteous servants have been persecuted and some of them have even been killed on the divine path, a typical example is the merciless massacre of Imam Husain (A) by Yazid.  As you continue to push the people to the wall, the solution to their predicament is flagrantly being manifested in the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky and his call.

It is on this note we totally condemn the malicious plan to kill Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and to say to Mr Jonathan and his masters that as they prepare to kill Sheikh Zakzaky, they should prepare enough bullets to kill the millions of Muslims and even Non-Muslims that identify with his call. It may be easy to start a crisis but the end result may consume the perpetrators.

We pray to Allah the All Mighty to continue to protect this devoted servant of His and to make people understand his call and appreciate the solution to their quandaries lie in his leadership and call.

May Allah’s peace be on those that follow His guidance.


Dr. Abdullahi Danladi,

Islamic Movement in Nigeria