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We can expose Albani Killers if We Want- S. Zakzaky

By Buhari B. Jega
Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in his weekly lecture on Nahjul Balagah, Monday, categorically revealed that those who killed Muhammad Awwal Albani Zaria could be exposed.

 According to him, followers of Albani are all aware of the killers but could not speak out for fear. “Without any fear from anyone, we know they are the ones(security operatives) who killed Albani and his people know too, but they could not say it out of fear."  Sheikh Zakzaky further said that " unlike Albani followers who entertain fear to say it, if it was we, we could expose the killers by name"

The Leader equally said, the government wanted to create discord among Muslims with the death of Sheikh Albani, by stockpiling weapons into Gyellesu area and used it as evidence to implicate the Islamic Movement in the killing of the Zaria based scholar. He said the security presence in Gyellesu area exactly a week after the assassination was a clear sign of unintelligence which shows to the whole world the foolishness of the security. It shows that they are the killers. “What brought them? Who are they protecting? Why Gyellesu? Obviously, they were there with a mission to kill as they did exactly a week after. Their foolishness was so obvious”.

He said, he was aware of all the sinister plans and attempts of the government to shoot him whenever he goes or come back from lectures at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, in Zaria. “Many of their plans we do not expose, but let it passed, for it only stops at the planning stage, execution was impossible for them”, he explained.

Responding to the alleged complicity of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria over the killing of Albani as alleged in some quota, Sheikh Zakzaky reminded the people of deeply rooted long tradition of the Shi’ites of following the guidance of learner scholars, who must be an Ayatollah, who gives permission to carry out capital punishments and Jihad. He said Shi’ites are so organized that it becomes impossible for enemies to infiltrate or create terror cells among them, just they are doing with other Islamic groups who lack guardianship of the jurists. 

He recalled that, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have suffered untold hardship, intimidation, imprisonment and deaths by government security agencies, and yet they have never retaliated or took the laws in their hands in the form of vengeance. 
He said the Movement had no issue of dispute or discord with Albani, and that if killers of the Shi’ites are still walking freely, why should the Shi’ites kill someone who had not done anything to them?

He reminded the Nigerian security that, the power of the gun is not all that it is. “We have that which is more powerful and sophisticated than the gun- Allah the Almighty Allah; the true teaching and practice of the Holy Prophet (s) and his Pure Progeny (A’imma). This is the religion of truth, let anyone who disputes bring forth which is more truthful that this”.

Edited by I. Usman 11/2/2014