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War On Islamic Movement in Nigeria: A Plan of Divergent Interests

By Nasir Hashim
The incident of 12th – 13th December last year was not only pre-planned by Nigerian government but by many interest nations, each with its expected benefit perhaps different from that of another. Indeed, itwas a kind of synergy guided by satanic inspiration. I am just referring to Nigerian government, Saudi Arabia, America, Israel and the rest of the west.


 It is a common knowledge that successive Nigeria governments had been worried and suspicious about the rise of what they called radical Islam in northern part of the country. To stop the spread of the idea of Islamic movement in Nigeria, several measures were taken. The famous of all is arrest and detention of the charismatic leader of the group, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub .El-Zakzaky, as a man of God, determination and focus never at any time ever seemed to give in to the threats of arrogant dispensations in as much as he believed that he was doing the work of God. Sheikh El-Zakzaky does not believe that material wealth and splendor are the ultimate goals of human life on earth. A gain, he is not struggling to survive and watch the lives of common men being massacred; he has given his life as a ransom to the valuable lives of mankind. These are some of the qualities that often attractthe oppressed Nigerians to his course. After all, average Nigerian doesn’t have trust and confidence in the corrupt system of his country.

However, government authorities always attribute the progress of Islamic movement to spiritual and material supports from Islamic republic of Iran, rather than effective and efficient leadership of Sheikh El-Zakzaky. Only if they know, Sheikh El-Zakzaky isnotan enemy of his country but peace loving Nigerian. He is the kind of genius who every country should be proud to have as a citizen. Me-thinks authorities should always consult him for practical solutions to difficult economic and socio-political problems, instead of relying on false information from their underground agents who only try to justify their remunerations. Alas, government authorities of Nigeria and their friends abroad don’t like scholars like Sheikh El-Zakzaky whois faithful and committed to the course of humanity and God – whocan never serve their interests.They prefer sycophant religious scholars who can at anytime betray their faiths and followers in order to please their pay masters. They give support of any kind to such disguisedscholars who are capable of twisting the Holy books in order to give substance to the desires and actions or inactions of the authorities. Government feel delighted to renovate, rehabilitate or build new mosques and schools where the mullahs extend campaign activities whenever election draws near. On regular basis, they invite these self-styled mallams to Abuja and give them in “Ghana must go”. It appears clearly that some scholars have sharply deviated from the path of Allah. They are united with callous and arrogant governments against innocent creatures of Allah. Let them release that unityagainst some people irrespective of their belief, is tantamount to war against humanity in general, and therefore can never prevail.There is no evidence in history where arrogance and tyranny emerged victorious over humility and justice. It is very possible for you to kill people and destroy their buildings, but it is very impossible to defeats the very idea that brings them together. The more conspiracies you plan against Islamic movement – the more popular it becomes. The more atrocities you commit – the more future generation mocks you. And behold, finally Allah give victory to the oppressed minority.


Saudi Arabia on its own part regards rapid spread of Shia in the most populous and richest nation in Africa as a blow to their mission on the continent. It is a common knowledge that Saudi Arabia has a long term plan in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Over the years, Saudi has been making huge investment in Nigeria, most especially in its effort to spread Wahabbism throughout Africa. Under this mission several foundations such as “Al-muntada”, ‘world relief organization’, “Rabidatul Islamiyya Al-alamin” etc were physically set up.Myriad of mosques Islamic schools hospitals were built and funded.Uncountable numbers of people are given scholarship to study in the Saudi Universities. These people are often trained and sent back to Nigeria to assume the role of preachers in their local mosques. Some scholars were given rapid promotion in order to facilitate their way towards attaining international recognition. Shiekh Abubakar Gummi was one of the beneficiaries of this scheme. His tafsir, “Radil azhan ilama’anil Quran” which wasmere photocopy of ‘Tafsir Ibn kathir” was printed in millions and spread throughout Nigeria and Africa. They sponsor preaching sessions on radios and televisions. Recently, they established twin propaganda tools “the wisal Hausa and Sunna TV” for two reasons: (1.) to air hate preaches, false propaganda and hate slogans against Shia (2.) to spread wahabi ideology across Africa.

How then do you expect these people to sit back and watch Shia Islam rapidly growing in towns and villages throughout Nigeria? Having realized that hate preaches and falsehood cannot stop the spread of Shia, they now decided to join hands with other enemies of Islamic Movement to crack down on Shiites. The wahabi scholars are fond of quoting wrong verses from the Qur’an to support and trigger genocide against human beings. What is happing currently in Yemen is a good example. At this juncture, I wish to remind them that Qur’an is not meant to be interpreted any how in order to justify wicked actions. Any way whatever action they take it is too late;Shia ideology has already gone deep into the hearts of over 25 million Nigerians.


Nigeria being a country full of oil and other mineral resources, America cannot afford to lose the country the same way as it lost Iran after Islamic revolution of 1979.History has written that Iran under Muhammad Rizasha, used to be a very good friend of America, but the emergence of Islamic rule brought the end of that friendship. And that would have meant America and its allies in Europe have lost both their economic and political missions in the region if not for Saudi Arabia another important partner of the western hegemonies.

America tends to benefit in the war against Shia even better that Nigerian government. Perhaps, Nigerian leaders are blind minded to understand that America has never and will never offer assistance to any country in the world for the sake of the country involved but for its own interest. American foreign policy is very clear to every perspective mind, i.e ‘no permanent friend and no permanent enemy”.

 The America I knowwould love to support Islamic movement against Nigeria if it knew that the movement could serve its interest. Americans have no problem with your Islamas long as you are subservient to them. They consider you the best friend if you allow them free access to your oil fields. This is why America’s best friends in Middle East today, are Saudi Arabia emirate Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman etc. These are Muslim countries but they misplaced their priority, therefore, they worship America instead of Allah. They alien with the west against other Muslim countries. They keep quiet when their fellow Muslims in other countries are being oppressed. They say nothing about the issues of Palestine, Libya, Myanmar, Iraq to mention but a few. As a matter of fact, America and its friends go to any great length in fighting Shi’ite Muslims in Nigeria, whom they know can never worship them.


Israel shares similar interest with America, especially security issues. Israel, an arch-enemy of Islam and Muslim community cannot tolerate any Islamic organization anywhere in the world. They know how much they have been punishingMuslims especially in Palestine, and they are always conscious of the fact that one day Muslims will like to retaliate. In their neighborhood Hizbullah army have been teaching them lesson in the war front. At home, Hamas have been putting an obdurate resistance to their human sadism over the years. Again, Israel can not afford to lose its control over security issues of Nigeria, which it has been enjoying since the previous regimes.

The so called world powers at the centre and their periphery puppet nations do not lack knowledge about Shia Islam and its stance on anti-human policies. Throughout history Shia imams and their followers neither cooperated with nor surrendered to injustice, tyranny, oppression, corruption, conspiracy, atrocity, falsehood, hate propaganda war initiative etc. The concept of justice is as necessary as leadership itself. Justice is one of the pillars of Islam. As far as Shiites are concerned justice must prevail at whatever cost. History recorded that Imam Ali (A.S) countered every threat, tyranny and confusion posed by ummayyides until he was finally assassinated while praying in his mosque in Najaf. Before passing away after Imam Ali gave a will saying that no body should be killed incase he died except his killer (Abdulrahman bn Muljam).

Imam Hassan although handed over the leadership to Muawuya but never surrendered to the system of corruption and injustice.Finally, he was poisoned through his wife who accepted some material reward for her action.

Imam Hussein was forced out of Medina. He went toMecca with hiscompanions where he received several invitation messages from the people of Kufah. But no sooner did Yazid bn Mu’awuya know about the development than he sent a strong warning, threatening to kill whoever gave his loyalty to ImamHussein (A.S). At the same time he (Yazid) sent handsome rewards to the people who decided to abandon Imam Hussein. The greedy majority of the people of Kufah actually succumbed to the demand of Yazid and betrayed the Imam. Imam Hussein and his few companions and children were murdered in the worst manner ever seen in the hitherto world history.

Imam Ali Zainul Abizen was poisoned by Umayyad ruler, Al-walid through the investigation of Ummayyad Caliph, Hishan ibn Abulmalik who was worried of the Imam’s growing respect and popularity. Hisham felt disappointed in Mecca when people gave chance for the Imam to have access to Ka’aba at his own expense.

Imam Muhammad Baqir, a man whose academic works paved way for modern scientific discoveries, was assassinated by poisoning on the order f Hisham. Hisham’s nephew, Ibrahim ibn Wahid Ibn Abdullah carried out the assassination plan because the Imam refused to work for them as a state sponsored scholar.

Imam Jafar was asked to be loyal to Abbasid Caliphs whom he reined with namely, Hisham, Saffah and Mansur, but he refused. As a result he was poisoned to death at the behest of Caliph Al-mansur in 148AH at the age of 65, leading to uncertainty about the futureof Imamate. However by the divine intervention, Imam Musa Alkazim took over the Imamate. Imam Musa Kazim was imprisoned multiple times during his lifetime, first by Caliph Al-mahid, and then by Harun Al-Rashid on several occasions, finally he was poisoned to death.

Imam Ali- Ridha was a contemporary of Abbasid Caliph, Al-mamun. Al-mamun tried to make Ali-Ridha be his crown prince but the imam declined the position. Later, Al-mamun realized that being lenient to imam Ridha facilitated Shia popularity.Al-mamun planned and poisoned Imam to death.

Imam Muhammad Aljawad resisted all threats and temptations of Abbasid Caliph Mutasim who connived with the Imam’s wife, sumaneh and killed him also by poisoning. His successor, Ali Al-Hadi was also poisoned by Caliph Al-Mutaziz according to some sources.

Imam Hassan Al-Askari according to many sources was also poisons at the age of 28 through the instigation of the Abbasid Caliph, Al-Mutamid and dies on the 8th of Rabiul Awwal 260 AH.

In the present time. Shia Muslims face similar or worse plight than those of the Past.In Iran for example more than one thousand people were killed by the soldiers of despotic Iranian Monarch, Muhammad Rizasha in their effort to arrest ImamKhomeini. By Allah’s intervention, Imam Khomeini narrowly escaped and went on exile first to Turkey, later Iraq and finally France under the conditions that he should not use Turban and should not freely interact with the people of France etc. He returned to his country Iran 10 years afterward victorious.

Here in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and is people are facing the same situation. NigeriaN government with the support of America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others, has launched war on Shiite Muslims under the pretext of fighting extremism. Wahabbism which gave birth to Boko Haram is now regarded as the safest Islamic sect. The hypocrisy and sycophancy of Wahabbists gave them VIP treatment among government authorities. Shiites have nothing except Allah, but are optimistic that victory belongs to oppressed people of God (in shaa Allah).

Peace, blessing and protection of Allah be upon the rightly guided.