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Wammako atrocities remembered in Sokoto

By Ibrahim Usman
Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Sokoto zone have on Monday 6th Rajab 1435 (5th May, 2014), begun remembrance events marking the atrocities perpetrated by the government of Sokoto state under Alu Magatakarda Wammako seven years ago.

During the said period the government of Sokoto, on the orders of the governor Alu Magatakarda Wammako, descended mercilessly on members of the Islamic Movement using henchmen, hooligans and government apparatus, killing and maiming many as a result. Businesses of members worth millions of naira were either destroyed or looted. At the end, over 100 of Muslim brothers were unjustifiably imprisoned for six years under false charges. Some brothers were also forcefully exiled.


It would be remembered that last year, a court exonerated the over 100 imprisoned members from all the charges.

The remembrance day which took place at the residence of Ameer, Malam Kasimu Umar witnessed mass attendance. Speeches were delivered by Malam Kasimu Umar and Malam Bashir Runjin Sambo.

More reports as the events unfolds.