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Visit from Cameroon: Sheikh Zakzaky meets with Muslim brothers from Cameroon, exposes another plot tagged, ‘Divide and Crush’

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
While lending his voice to the global world concern, leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky has debunked yet, another secret plot tagged, "Divide and Crush" being engineered by Western colonialists in parts of Africa and beyond in their incessant efforts against Islam and the Muslim world.

Sheikh Zakzaky uncovered the plan while addressing a team of Muslim brothers from Cameroon who visited him last Wednesday 8th of June, 2022, in his residence in Abuja.
The revered leader started his speech by commenting on the influence of colonialism and the division of the territorial borders of West Africa, where he explained that, "Whether we like it or not, we have to be influenced by colonialism. It is indeed against our wishes, we would’nt want it as it had been, but it did happen — as borders were created in the name of nations.
"Sheikh Zakzaky therefore said, but when it comes to Islamic perspective, Islam has no limit".
Sheikh Zakzaky elaborating on the created territorial borders said, "Islam has no boundaries, and this lack of boundaries had treamendously contributed in the creation of strong empire that gave birth to the empires that ruled across African continent in the past, uniting different peoples into one nation, in what can best be referred or described as ‘The Muslim community".
The leader then cited the 18th century Islamic reformer Late Sheikh Usman Bin Fodiye, acknowledging that even the dynasty of Sheikh Usman Bin Fodiye, also came to have found Hausa, Borno and other minor kingdoms each was standing independently on its own. As the dynasty of Late Sheikh Fodiye conquered, it further merged the sub-division of the minor Kingdoms into a single Islamic state before the Europeans came and divided it into different nations by name some; Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Mali and so forth".
Speaking on Islam and the Muslims in general, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky expressed concern over the persistence of the enemies of religion in leaving no stone unturned towards destroying the religion in various ways. Among the ways as he explored, saying "They have now come up with a new scheme which they called, "Divide and Crush". According to them, the strategy for the Muslim world now is to provoke them into strife and then crush them".
The leader explained that, their old-aged plot was to "Divide ans Rule", but now, is to ‘Divide and Crush’. He further explained that this new system of divide and crush has from all indications started taking effect among Muslims. It has been exposed that they have set aside millions of Dollars solely for this task.
Butressing his statements, Sheikh Zakzaky drew the attention of the visitors on one recent event overseas saying that, "Perhaps you might have recently heard in the city of London and other cities in England, some set of people are protesting against a certain movie, tittled ‘Lady of the Heavens’.
"It was reported to have said that the film was purposely shooted to provoke discord among Muslims. And this is the main purpose of the film (promoting disunity among Muslims) because many of the stars in the film are best known for their divisive rhetoric."
Further speaking, he said, "As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sayyid Ali Khamenei described them as ‘Shi’atu London’, so also ‘Sunnatu America".
Sheikh Zakzaky said that the British fabricated some fake Shia and in vice versa the U.N. also fabricated some fake Sunnah, each had its own hidden motives and media voice.
Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky acknowledged that whatever the fabricated sayings, claims or dirty acts on Shiites, the fabricated faction of the Shiites are then paid to prove such claim or acts against the true Shia followers in the universe as part of their hidden smear-campaign on Shia followers.
On the other hand, the Sunnis or Shiites would now exposed another unaccepted act and claim it on the other Muslims. They described this new systematic scheme as ‘divide and crush.
"Indeed, this new scheme simply means that Muslims should destroy themselves", he explained.
His eminence further exposed that, "In their hidden plan, the intent is to strike fight between Shia and Sunnah, and between Shia and Shia, and also between Sunnah and Sunnah. What they all described as "Divide and Crush."
Sheikh Zakzaky testified the implementation of this plan, lamenting over how some bad eggs among the Muslims were being influenced by this sinister plans to the fact that division among Muslims has become their way of means of living. Whatever you preach to them, you would’nt convince them and they would’nt believe.
"Many a times, we ignore them of their divisive speeches. What they don’t like is seeying us sticking to our task. I always admonish that they should be left alone, ranting and halucinating as a delirious dog backing alone in the absence of an enemy.
Sheikh Zakzaky finally expressed optimism over his call for a return to religious system. He said:
"If they view what we are calling as impossible, why are we being attacked unprovoked? Why are we being arrested unreasonably?
"They are fully aware of its possibility, it is a matter of time. By Allah’s wish and permit, one day, the Islamic State would firmly established, and it will surely revoke these European borders that had been subjected over to us.
"This tyrannical system of white colonialists would one day be wiped out and the demarcated territorial borders would be abolished. A religious system is by Allah’s will going to be established which is the one and only system that unites different communities under one umbrella", The Sheikh explained.
Finally, Sheikh Zakzaky called on the visiting Muslim brothers to return to Allah againts all the afformentioned. He said that having identified and enumerated problems, the solution lies with Allah. If you hold fast to religion of Allah, you are saved.
He further added that, "Different ethnic communities of a nation could be reached, similarly other citizens could be reached but religious people cannot be reached.
"Now, all we have to do is hold on to this religion, even if we are going to be killed, let’s know the path we are going to be killed for, since now people are being killed for no obvious reasons. We are ever ready to be killed for our religious cause", explained Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

brothers from Cameroon visit leader 8-6-2022