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Update on Quds Day in Kaduna State: Seven People Killed by Police in Kaduna and Zaria.

The extrajudicial killings of Pro-Palestinian Protesters by the Nigerian Police in Kaduna state reached 6 people following the additional death of one of the injured who succumbed to injuries in Zaria late Saturday the 6th of April, 2024.

Shaheed Ammar Abdullahi Maigana reached martyrdom after succumbing to serious injuries in Zaria.

This makes the number of protesters in both Kaduna and Zaria to be Six (6), Two in Zaria, and Four in Kaduna:

  1. Shaheed Mahamud umar
  2. Shaheed Ibrahim Rabiu (Abba)
  3. Shaheed Haidar ishaq Unguwar Mu’azu
  4. Shaheed Mustapha Buruku
  5. Ahmad Mustafa Killed in Zaria
  6. Shahid Ammar Abdullahi Maigana killed in Zaria

One additional by-passer was also reported killed in Zaria by stray bullets, identified as Abdulwasi’u Abdurrafiu’u. His brother made it public on Facebook.

Thus, making the total number of people killed by Nigerian police seven (7).

The Nigerian Police in Both Kaduna and Zaria opened fire with live ammunition on the peaceful protesters on Friday the 5th of April 2024 while marking International Quds Day.


Shahid Ammar Abdullahi killed by Police in Zaria Quds day 2024

Shahid Ammar Abdullahi was killed by Police on Zaria Quds Day 2024

Shahid Ahmad Mustapha killed by Police in Zaria Quds day 2024

Shahid Ahmad Mustapha was killed by Police in Zaria on Quds day 2024

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