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Unity Week Day 4: Lectures on Imamate of Ali(AS) and Unity of the Ummah

By K. Isa
On the forth day of Unity Week, Tuesday the 6th of January 2015, two presentations were made:  The first lecture was on the Importance and Necessity of Unity of the Muslim Ummah by Mallam Abdullahi Dogarawa from Niger Republic while second presentaion was on the Necessity of wilayah (imamate) of Imam Ali bn Abi Talib (alaihis salam) made by Sheikh Saleh Lazare also from neighbouring Niger Republic.

Sheikh  Saleh Lazare spoke on Necessity of Wilayah of Imam Ali bn Abi Talib (alaihis salam). In his speech he described the virtues and undisputed qualities of Imam Ali(AS) according to Sunni sources.

He explained the various instances where Imam Ali was  appointed by the Prophet (pubh) as his heir and Imam of the Ummah after him including the incident of Ghadeer Qum.

He emphasized that Wilayah of Ali is the backbone of the religion and described anyone, irrespective of his/her School of Thought or Sufi Order,  who denied knowledge of the fact that  the prophet declared Ali as Leader of the Ummah after him, as one who hide facts and chose astray for this knowledge.  He noted that the facts in Sunni sources are very clear.

 Unity week

Sheikh Lazare

He added that the Wilayah of Imam Ali *AS)   is the completeness of the religion and the greatest favour in which everyone will be asked about it on the Day of Judgment.

Speaking on the predicaments of the Ummah, he said The Ummah falls into confusion due to turning back from Ali(AS)- a situation which caused the Ummah to loose  the true teachings of Islam to the extent that a group within the Ummah ascribed body and form to  Almighty Allah .

He concluded by describing Imam Ali as the best after the prophet(SAWA); the best in knowledge, piety and physical strength.

In his remark the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria  Sheik Zakzaky explained Imam Ali in history especially the era of the Umayyads  which was characterized by  insult of Imam Ali whom the Prophet said Truth is with Ali and Ali is with Truth; and Qur’an is with Ali.

Not only that, he added, all qualities and virtues of Ali were fabricated  and given same to the  opponents of Ali(AS) through the order of Mu’awiyyah. Though, all the fabrications could easiy be understood as lies by keen observer due to their contradictions, he noted.

Sheikh zakzaky thanked the speaker for well presentation

The Second lecture was delivered Sheikh Abdullahi Dogarawa from Niger republic who is  the Leader of Youths wing of Tijjaniyyah order  in Niger Republic.

Mallam Abdullahi spoke on the Importance of Unity of the Islamic Ummah citing the verse from the holy Qur’an where Allah says’   and hold fast to the rope of Allah all together and do not be disunited among your selves’

He said, despite all the differences  of School of Thoughts, all Muslims shall come together. He added that the holy prophet said “ A muslim is a brother to his fellow Muslim’.

He commended the effort of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria for organizing such an important gathering and called on those who view it as Shia affair to desist.

 Unity week

Mallam Abdullahi

In his remark, Sheikh Zakzaky thanked the speaker for making an important observation which is to do with way some people see Unity week programme as an affair for a particular group of Muslims. He therefore spoke further on the importance and necessity of the unity of Islamic Ummah irrespective of differences in opinion and views.

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K. isah