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unity week begins in kaduna, kano + Pictures

 By Ibrahim Usman (Kaduna) and Muhammad Isa Ahmad (Kano)

 Kaduna and Kano Zones of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)

 have begun Unity Week, Tuesday 29 Rabi’ul Auwal 1435 (28/1/2014) as part of the on-going effort by the Movement to bring together Muslims from all shades of opinion. This is coming after the completion of the grand Unity Week at the Baqiyyatullah Hussainiyyah, Zaria where scholars from different schools of thought, from within and outside the country attended.

In Kaduna, Malam Babba from Unguwar Mu’azu spoke on the love of Prophet Muhammad (S), where he enumerated the obligation for the love of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) and his Infallible Progeny on Muslims, and the associated heavenly reward.

He pointed out that, in as much as love and affection for Prophet Muhammad (S) is compulsory and obligatory act on Muslims, any association aimed at expressing that deep love and affection is also compulsory. “Any gathering or association of people to express love for our Noble Prophet, by any one, Muslims or non Muslims, is acceptable. I regard it as an obligation on me to attend”, he said. He reminded Muslims on the command of Prophet Muhammad (S) that parents should teach and guide their children to hold unto three things: Love of the Prophet, love of his Ahlul Bayt and recitation of the Holy Qur’an. He thanked organizers of the event for finding him worthy to speak at the occasion, as well as a catalyst for Muslim unity and pledged to honour future invitations.

In his presentation, Sheikh Fatahu Pandogari, a disciple of Shaikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi spoke on the need for Muslim unity. He called on Muslims not shy away from outward expression of their love for Prophet Muhammad (S), as some deviants want them to. He stressed that, “Muslim unity is paramount, because there is strength in unity. You should however know that, the only meeting point for Muslim unity is the love for our Prophet, Maulud ceremony is an expression of that sincere love”.

Responding, Ameer of Kaduna Zone Malam Muhammad Mukhtar Sahabi lamented the unfortunate narratives of disrespect to the Holy Prophet (S) found in some Islamic books, which some people hold unto as authentic books (Sihah). He pointed out that, the unfounded narratives are far away from the exemplary conduct of the Holy Prophet (S) as testifies by Allah in the Holy Qur’an.

Malam Mukhtar Sahabi said, such narrations gave enemies of Islam the weapon and opportunity to abuse the Holy Prophet (S), citing the case of Salman Rushdie as an example. “But no one seems to care about these disturbing narrations in the books”, he lamented. He then called for review of these narrations, saying that they are blasphemous.

Gifts were presented to the speakers at the close of the occasion.

In kano, Sheikh Khidr spoke on the relationship between Tijjaniyya and Shi’a schools of thought, citing various references to buttress his point. He believed that Muslim unity is possible only through unreserved love for the Holy Prophet (S) and his Ahlul Bayt.

At the end of the occasion, Ameer of Kano Zone,Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi came a closing remark.