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Unity Week 1437 day2: Guests speak on Teachings of the Prophets, A’immah

By Muhammad Isa
Thursday 19th Rabiul Auwal, 1437 (31/12/2015) was the 2nd day of this year’s Annual Unity Week in Kano organised by  the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, held at Kano Markaz.

Mal Sa’id Ibraheem Birnin Kudu and Mal Yusuf Hamza were the guest speakers on this day. The lectured is titled  “Teachings of the Prophets (SA) and A’imma (AS) in times of hardship”. Both Lecturers reviewed lessons of perseverance, steadfastness on this right path of Allah, commitment and patience during difficult times giving examples of the atrocities committed by arrogant rulers on Prophets and A’imma (AS).

Likewise the lecturers reminded the audience the powers of supplications at all times, been the weapon of the oppressed. Mal Sunusi Abdul Kadir in his comment after the lecture buttress the role and importance of maulid celebration. He stressed the fact that Brothers, insha Allah, will remain on this very path examplifed  to them by thier  leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), one of which is upholding maulidin Nabiy (SAWA) programme. He later gave a closing prayer.