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By Yusuf AbdulLahi
In the name of Allah Who states “Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving clear signs; for them is a clear chastisement” Q3:105

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His noble servant, our master Muhammad and his purified progeny.
Unity week is one of the significant legacies of late Imam Khomeini (may Allah shower His mercy on him). The international week is observed annually. No doubt, the office of the Supreme leader and Iranian government deserve commendation for upholding the great event for a number of decades. It is a rare opportunity for the Muslim-Ummah to analyze itself vise a vise prophetic guidance. Thus, it emphasizes the need for strict obedience to prophetic teachings and utmost need for all Muslims to unite under the common testimony of faith. The Imam established the week due to the fact that the enemies most significant strategy is the use of division as a tool to destroy the Ummah with the help of misguided Muslims. That is why those committed to true cause of Islam are devotedly concerned on the unity.
The recently concluded event held in Tehran, was the 32nd International Unity Conference titled "‘Al-Quds, Axis of Unity of the Ummah" dedicated to Quds and Palestine. In his remark, the leader of the Islamic reveolution, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamne’i drew attention of the participants on the progress of Muslims awakening campaign in Asia and other Muslim countries for which the enemies are more disappointed. He said the world is suffering from the oppression of world powers and that Muslim states should return to the rule of Islam as Washinton’s arrogance was humiliating people in the Middle-east, stresssing that Islamic unity is the only solution to the region’s problem.
In his address to the participants, President Rouhani condemned what he described as Zionist tumor implanted in the Middle East and offered to defend Saudi Arabia for free. While commenting on the billions of dollars US gets from the kingdom for protection, the President said despite this, your patron (Trump) insults you, citing what he said at a campaign rally on September 27, "without US protection, Saudi Arabia would not last two weeks.”
Rouhani said the United States cultivates close ties with “regional Muslim nations” to protect Israel, apparently referring to Saudi Arabia and the kingdom’s allies. He said bowing to American pressure amounts to treason and only invites more insults. He reminded the audience of how Iran had valiantly defended itself singlehandedly for eight years against the Iraqi-led Arabian and Western attack, offering to defend Saudi Arabia as well. ‘We do consider the people of Makkah and Madinah our brothers’. He said Iran has helped post-Saddam Iraq to fight Daesh terrorists, and was helping Syria to defend itself. Iran has also extended valuable support to Hisbullah in Lebanon and the Palestinian resistance groups, all facing Zionist crimes’.
On his part, the top aid on the international affairs to the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ali Akbar Velayeti said "there is no other way than maintaining the unity of Muslims as the enemies are trying to weaken the Muslim states. The policy of Western Hebrew and Arab coalition is annihilating the humanitarian, financial, logistic, infrastructural and ideological power and capacities of the resistance front weakening and distinguishing the Islamic states to provide security of the zionist regime and continue domination of the global usurper over Muslim resources and wealth more than past emphasizing that establishment of security for Israel as a strategic priority of all Western policies against the resistance front.
Hamas leader, Isma’il Haniyyah also had his video message broadcast to the conference where he thanked the Islamic Republic for its support and dedication to the cause Quds and Palestine.
No doubt, most disturbing problem disturbing the Ummah as the late Imam Khomeini repeatedly pointed out was the invasion of Palestinian land and creation of Israel in its place subjecting its defenseless and rightful citizens especially women and children to an untold persecution for seven decades! In a relevant speech by Ayatollah Khamne’i to the opening of 6th international conference in support of Palestinian intifada (uprising) some years ago says "Muslim countries have a responsibility to support Palestinian resistance which should be a source of unity in the Islamic world’ the issue of Palestine can and should be the pivot of unity for all Islamic countries’ the top priority of the Islamic world and all those fighting for freedom across the world is the Palestinian cause and unity to support that cause. One of the achievements of this valuable conference is announcing first priority of the world of Islam and freedom fighters all over the world, which is the issue of Palestine and creation of an atmosphere of harmony and unanimity, the purpose of achieving the lofty goal of supporting the people of Palestine and their truth and justice-oriented fight". However, the greatest challenge facing this Ummah is the Takfiri movement which outclasses Muslims from their religion ignoring all atrocities afflicting the same from the enemies of Allah across the world! The Takfirists are no doubt, working in the interest of the greatest enemies of Allah whether they accept it or not. Unity is the central focus of Maulud with greater emphasis on the need to shun the trivial divisive issues. Yes, I call the dividing factors along Shia/Sunna or what not as trivial because non is part of the fundamentals in Islam. A very important point here is the issue of International Quds day declared by the Imam in 1979. The day is meant for express solidarity and unflinching support to the oppressed Palestinians and indeed all other oppressed of the world. Ever since, it was observed, not only by Muslims who answered the call of this great Islamic personality, but all human rights activists and civil liberties organizations including some Jews! Every year, Protesters would storm the streets of central London in UK, some parts of Europe and the United states to disagree with maltreatment of defenseless Palestinians mostly women and children by zionists. It is imperative to acknowledge this effort by people wishing peace to reign and justice to prevail all over the world. The Imam said “the Quds Day is a universal day. It is not an exclusive day for Quds itself. It is a day for the oppressed to rise and stand up against the arrogant.” To his last moment, the prominent Muslim leader, would always point out invasion of Palestinian land and creation of Israel in its place as the most disturbing problem. In line with this, the event emphasized the need for all Muslims to hold fast to the call of Allah as perfectly demonstrated by the seal of all messengers and human perfection. “And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves” Q3:103.
On its part, the Islamic Movement has organised similar event in Abuja, the Nigeria’a capital. Muslim scholars and educationists were invited especially from the Sufi orders across the country. The annual event was very successful as the invited guests honored the invitation and delivered very useful lectures for the unity of Muslims irrespective of all borders. The participants used the occasion to call for the unconditional release of the Movement’s leader and all his disciples behind the bars. Obviously, disunity is the cause of all problems Muslims face across the world. And it is the reason, Muslims become the laughing stock of their enemies despite their numeric strength and bountiful resources.
While calling all Muslims to reunite themselves in the interest of the religion, thanking those working around the clock to actualize the sublime goal, I reiterate the incessant call for the unconditional release of Sheikh Ibraheem el-Zakzaky (H) and his disciples.
Wassalamu alaikum.