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Two More Killed As Soldiers Open Fire The Third Day In Abuja

At least two more persons were again killed onTuesday the 30th October, 2018 for the third day as military opened fire again on unarmed civilians in the centre of Abuja as they concluded the Arbaeen religious event.

This brings the total number of persons the soldiers killed under similar circumstances to about 40 in at least three different locations in and around Abuja.

Tuesday’s assault has conclusively put to bed any doubts that the soldiers simply meant the complete crushing of the Islamic Movement.

In the initial two attacks the soldiers claimed that they were attacked, first as they moved their military hardwares, and on the following day as they went about their duties at their post. It is not clear what excuse they would proffer this time seeing that today’s attack was completely at a place known to be usually clear of military presence. Everyone saw them as they simply appeared and opened fire without warning.