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Tribute to my Friend Shahid Buhari Bello Jega

By Musa Bayi Muhammad
Those who according to Divine will are destined to achieve the grandiose status of martyrdom possess great and distinguished qualities. They are not only create examples and become models, but they serve history for human race. Buhari Muhammed Bello Jega was one of the rare individuals who managed to reach the summit of evolution and purity. 

He built his personality and liberated himself from temporal chains and satanic temptations.

Abuja people who are only slightly familiar with his characteristics regard him, without exaggeration, as having been one of the most spiritual, humble, sincere and ardent lovers of God amongst the people who have entered the political and social scene.

Bukari Muhammed Bello Jega had to endure severe hardships, difficulties, problems and entanglements. He had to struggle against odds, and face afflictions and calamities. Consequently, he became as a firm as a mountain until he attended martyrdom. He never succumb to any obstacle, no matter how great it was. The astonishing courage he demonstrated during Zaria carnage he call me a minute before his martyrdom I didn’t hear his voice well but sound of RPGS granite and gun shoot. In fact Bukhari Jega is talking to me as if nothing is happening, am very sure at that time you already see the realm of God the Haqiqatul amr, you already foresee your final abode which is jannatul firdausi together with prophets, Ausiyya and Auliyya am very much assured that our leader Imam Hussein (a. S) was the one to accommodate you. And his mother fatima Zahra (a. S).

Lastly, I offer my condolences and my congratulations in your birthday and your martyrdom of a proud member of the academic forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the distinguished leadership of sayyid Ibrahim zakzaky, an alert committed crusader on the straight path of God. Buhari jega has joined the presence of Imamul Asr may our spirits be sacrificed for him.

I offer my condolences for this disaster to the Warriors of truth and to the family and honorable brothers of this dear crusader.

Happy Birtday Shahid Buhari Jega