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Thousands attend fortieth day prayer for Quds Martrys in Zaria, other cities

By K. Isa
The Fortieth Day prayer for the repose of the souls of  martyrs took place at Darur Rahmah cemetery on Wednesday 3rd of September 2014. During The prayer  Holy Qur’an was completed in addition to the supplication of Jaushanul Kabeer read  by Hujjatul Islam Abdullahi Zango.

Also, Ziyara of Imam Husain(AS) was recited by Sayyid Jawad Musawi from Imam Ridha(AS) tomb Mashad, Iran. In the same vein, the supplication of Alqama was recited by Sayyid Mahdi Annaji and recitation of some portions of the holy Qur’an by Sheikh Hasan Muhammad, Mashad. The Prayer was Attended by thousands of people from far and near including Pastor Yohanna Buru, Pastor Maxwell Sanda escorted by some christians.

Jannatu Darur Rahma cemetry  was beautified colourfully with portray of the pictures of the martyrs. Also a drama depicting the event of Quds day attacks was performed. The arrogant manner and brutality of the Nigerian soldiers during the attacks was depicted, including how the attacks were planned’ the torture and subsequent killings of the peaceful protesters by the soldiers under the command of Lt Col S. O. Oku.

The drama further portrayed the killings of protesters on the spot as well as the arrest of some of the protesters including the three children of Sheikh Zakzaky by the soldiers. People bursted into cry at the top of the thiers voices as the drama was going on.  The brevity of Shaheed Hamid Zakzaky who spoke brilliantly to soldiers while in their custody. His response to Lt Col Oko when he threatened him with death was excellent. Shaheed Hamid asked the soldiers to take his injured brother to hospital for treatment whereupon LT Col Oku replied him saying“ I will even kill him infront of you‘ . Shaheed Hamid replied him " you cannot threaten people like us with death…."   Upon this, Lt col Oku said before I killed you I will stab you first to test the pain of knife. He stabbed him severally with knife and later killed him.

In his speech the Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky(H) said the the calamity which befell a Believer is insignificant compared with the calamity of Imam Husain(alaihis salam) at the plain of Karbala where Imam’s companions, his relatives and children were killed before his eyes. Imam Husain (AS) and his brother Abul Fadl Abbas were also killed at last. Even a suckling child of Imam Husain(AS) was not spared. So, any Believer and lover of Ahlulbayt who remembers the calamity of Imam Husain shall know that his own calamity is lesser and insignificant. This is what happened to all the infallible Imams. We are waiting for the one who will take revenge- the Imam Mahdi(AJ), who will relieve believers and make them happy.

Sheikh further said that  ‘the event and killing is a source of pride to us’, for the following reasons:

– It was on day of showing concern with the plight of  the Palestenians who were being bombarded by the illegal state of Israel for several day. As a result, some family members were completely wiped out. In some families only one member survived. They were killed by the progenies of  Killers of the Prophets of Allah; also thier representatives killed our people here. Our children were killed by Israeli agents like Oku, Chima, Omama, Ebele etc. 60 soldiers were sent for the killings to Zaria and none of them a Muslim; alas there was not even a Northern Christain among them. Some of the The Zionists were even sighted in Zaria who came purposely to shed more blood. They thought a revenge will follow so that they can further kill more people. Our only weapon is the Truth; Truth always last as it has been the weapns of the defenceless people of Palestine.

The Quds Day killing devided people into 3.

-The first are the agressors who are small in number;

The Second group are the oppressed;

while the third are the onlookers or spectators who are waiting to see the emergence of a winner between the agressors and the oppressed. We are calling on this group to take side quickly. By nature man cannot be an onlooker as human always take side even in events like football march although he does not support either side. failing to identify with the truth one will autmatically find himself among the agressors.

At the end of the event, Ziyara to the graveyards of the maertrys were conducted by individuals and group.