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Thousands Attend Commemoration of Arabeen in Kano.

Members of the Islamic Movement in Kano commemorate Arbaeen at Husainiyyah Kano on Saturday morning the 20th of Safar 1433(14/1/12).

Thousands of people attended the programme.  Thousands trekked to the Kano Husainiyyah from various part of the city. They were carrying flags with different slogans written on them.


One of the kano residence who has been suffering from partial paralysis also carried out the long journey from his Tudun Wada area in Kano on his foot to the venue where Sheikh Muhammad Turi delivered a speech on the occasion of Arabeen.

  Shekh Turi spoke on the history, lessons and significance of Ashura Commemoration while calling on Muslims to keep learning and abiding by the numerous lessons.

Muhammad Ahmad reports.