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Thinking a loud

By Mahfuz Mundadu
The “Sha-Jini of Zazzau”, the Beran Naija, the “Burgu of Dubai” thought might is right. He shot and shout. He destroyed and demolished. He killed and maimed. In the orgy none was spared. The list of his victims is a fair representation of all shades of human kind; the old and the young; the men and the women; the babies and their nursing mothers; the pregnant and the embryo. Hitler must have been turning blue with envy.

No sooner was the mission accomplished than the social media was saturated with his picture having a toss with “Garujen Aso”. The “Tumbuleqe of Rijiyar Kusugu”. If you don’t know him then you must not be ignorant of Litimugu. If I am to meet Adamu Mai-agwagwa I would have asked him how comes he sired such an imbecile that cares for nothing but “state wizin ah state”. The hunter and his hunting dog together with "Gwamna bakwanni" couldn’t be more naïve. The trio have devised a strategy on how not to appear before ICC. They have made a scapegoat out of one “boda”. Hoping that this “broda” will carry his own cross and theirs. If I where him (God forbid bad thing) I would have asked Afenifere to come to my aid…

Well I have to stop here. Battery low and no light. Between “fiy-diy-fiy…waawaa” and “shanji dole” I no sabi which one wowo pass.